What is the definition of content creator

Job profile content creator (f / m / d)

Content creators are masters in digital storytelling. Cross-media they develop and place gripping stories and content for companies.

Since well-told stories create trust, captivate people and bind them to the brand, product or service, many companies and brands become publishers themselves. They develop, create and communicate their content via their own channels and platforms. And so strongly shape the image that the (potential) customers have of you. Content creators are the minds behind it. You develop cross-media strategies and concepts that lead to the target group being addressed with the right stories and content. You develop the content and disseminate it on the various channels. In the meantime, the area of ​​content creation has also become more differentiated. Sometimes a distinction is made between text, audio and video content creators. Text content creators develop, for example, history and content for websites, marketing materials or B2B and B2C online magazines. Audio content creators are needed when content has to be translated into spoken language, such as with podcasts. And video content creators produce, among other things, instruction or unboxing videos as well as moving image content for social media channels.


This is the job of content creators

  • Development of ideas according to the online marketing strategy
  • Planning, creating and publishing relevant content for social media channels to increase traffic and engagement
  • Writing blog articles
  • Content management
  • Creation of content for the website and other marketing and press materials
  • Realization of ideas also with camera, Adobe programs, iPhone
  • Analysis of the most important KPIs and optimization of the measures


Content creators report to the unit management, marketing management, the management of corporate communications or the management.

Become a content creator - the training

Content creator is not yet an apprenticeship. A degree in the humanities or linguistics forms a good basis. A journalistic background can also be very helpful on the way to content creation. Skills in storytelling, in creating videos or podcasts can be learned in appropriate workshops and seminars.

Content creators bring these personal characteristics and skills with them

  • Curiosity and open-mindedness
  • A talent for communication and a feeling for language
  • creativity
  • structured, analytical, conceptual thinking
  • Understanding of different target groups
  • Affinity to technology and social media
  • Understanding of design
  • Interest in social, political and pop culture topics

Job offers for content creators