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The most common first name in the world is Mohammed, the most common last name in the world is Chang. How many people do you think there are called Mohammed Chang?
(Derek Wills)

The most common first names around the world and interesting facts about first names in other countries.


  • Typical Swiss, Austrian and French first names
  • British Islands:Irish, Scottish and English first names
  • Scandinavia:Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic and Finnish given names
  • Benelux:Belgian and Dutch given names
  • Baltic states:Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian given names
  • Southern Europe:Italian, Maltese, Portuguese and Spanish names as well as old Iberian given names
  • Southeast Europe:Slovenian, Greek, Bulgarian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Albanian, Macedonian and Turkish given names
  • Eastern Europe:Polish, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Russian, Moldavian, Romanian, Slovak and Czech first names


  • America: First names in the United States, Canada, Chile, Colombia, and Brazil
  • Asia:Israeli, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tibetan, and Japanese given names
  • Top 10 Arabic, Australian, New Zealand and African first names from South Africa

Misc about names all over the world

Yornaichel, Maolenin, Usnavy - when choosing the names of their children, parents put in Venezuela a blooming imagination to the day. The government wanted to ban ridiculous, bizarre and hard to pronounce names, but could not enforce this.

In Malaysia More and more people want to change their first name. To counter the trend, the National Registry Office has a non-binding List of unwanted first names published. This includes all types of fruit and vegetables, insects and colors. Ah Gong (disturbed mind), Karruppan (black guy) and Chai Too (pig) are also not recommended as first names, for example. The concerns of all Malay ethnic groups and religions are said to have been taken into account.

What are actually Nordic first names?

Regional: Frisian first names / Swabian first names / first names in the dialect of Mölmsch

The naming on the Philippines was for a long time dominated by Spanish first names. In the last few decades, however, English names have been on the rise. Original Filipino first names are very few in use.

Korean almost always have a two-part first name. This can be written in the Latin script in one word or with a hyphen.

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