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Huhu hers,

I need a few neutral opinions.
However, it will be a bit difficult to briefly tell what I'm about.

I've been friends with my girls for years. With some since elementary school, with others since 7th grade.
We are a group of 4 girls with me.
Have experienced and undertaken a lot together (first love, etc.).

However, I am slowly questioning whether we are really friends. If my girls were relationships, I would have ended them by now.
Crazy, right?

It's about things like: I don't feel taken seriously, I don't feel respected with my values.
Examples for you to understand:

i love my car and respect it. Often, however, this is not respected by them. After our last vacation, I had sunscreen on the back seats.

Or we wanted to go on a trip together again. Now, however, 2 girls have booked alone without the other two of us being involved.

When I was single at the time, no one really cared. And complained afterwards when I spoke negatively about that time.

If I broke up with these girls (one is close to my heart), I would be left alone. That is probably my greatest fear. Besides, everyone likes to have friends with whom one can laugh about earlier.
Since we were often out in a group, I imagine it would be difficult to continue the friendship with just one person.

Has anyone gone through similar things? Having to part with old friends?

Hope you come with what I mean