Is Bill Clinton sick

Key figure in Bill Clinton's sex affair is dead

As a friend of Monika Lewinsky, with whom the then US President had a serious sex affair, she made the matter public. Linda Tripp has now died.

Former US government employee Linda Tripp, a key figure in the Lewinsky scandal surrounding former US President Bill Clinton, has died at the age of 70. Her former attorney, Joseph Murta, confirmed her death on Wednesday without giving any details of the cause of death. US media reported, citing family members, that Tripp died of pancreatic cancer.

Tripp had worked with Monica Lewinsky at the Pentagon in the 1990s. The previous White House intern told Tripp confidential about her affair with Clinton. Tripp then began to secretly record her phone calls with Lewinsky, and handed the tapes over to the special investigator Kenneth Starr. She also told Starr about Lewinsky's infamous blue dress with the president's sperm stains.

Tripp justified her revelations with the fact that Clinton had "emotionally abused" the intern. In 2018, she defended her approach in an Internet broadcast. Clinton's behavior was "unacceptable to the leader of the free world".

The revelations about Clinton's affair with Lewinsky had plunged his presidency into a serious crisis. In 1998 the impeachment proceedings followed because Clinton had tried to cover up the relationship. The allegations were perjury and obstruction of justice. However, the impeachment process failed in 1999 in the Senate.

Tripp did not regret what she did

Tripp said in an interview at the time that, despite numerous threats, she did not regret her actions. The public has "absolutely no idea what Monica went through," she told NBC. You acted out of "patriotic duty". In 2001 she lost her job with the change of office in the White House, like all other "political officials".

Tripp has obtained more than half a million dollars in compensation from the government for puncturing information from her personnel file to the media. She later married a German and opened a Christmas decorations shop with him in Middleburg, Virginia.

Lewinksy, who had declared during the scandal that she had been betrayed by Tripp, commented on the short message service Twitter on Wednesday when the serious illness of the 70-year-old was known, but not yet her death. "No matter what happened, after hearing that Linda Tripp is seriously ill, I hope she will recover. It is hard to imagine how difficult it is for her family."