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Holy Relationship 2/13 - Self-love

Today is the new moon (manifestation) and very fitting for the second key! These keys apply not only to partnerships, but to any type of relationship. Whether relationships in families, jobs, friendship and soul families. I just write them on the partnership level. These keys are helpful pointers. You will notice yourself which key you are now with. It takes time and cannot go overnight. It's a process. It is a surrender to yourself to get freely where you want to go. Everything is love, so let's get started ...

The 2nd key of the goddesses is self-love - reflection and recognizing what you want. As written last week, it was about recognizing where there are still weeds in your garden. Do you know the game with music and chairs? Imagine yourself getting up when the music is on and the universe pulls away a chair and you are forced to move on and find a new chair? It is always like that in life. If we close our eyes and don't want to look, the universe does it for us. Then we are shocked and ask ourselves "why"? The answer is to open your eyes and go further inside yourself without fear. Do not be afraid, it is for your good. We transform every day. No day is like yesterday. It's up to you which direction you want to go. It's about stepping out of your comfort zone. Bringing light into the shadows and shadows into the light. Out of duality and into unity. Reflect on where you are still in the duality. As mentioned last week, in order to clearly see what we want, we must first recognize what we no longer want. What do you no longer want in your relationships? Are you still afraid to make changes? I quote Barry Long: “Don't ask myself what God is. All I know is that God is amazing, great, and I love IT. I don't have to try to explain like a scientist. I don't want to know where everything comes from. I don't want to know God because I already know. I am intelligence. I am intelligent. And since I am intelligent, I am aware. But I am not "conscious". I am intelligence. Any reference to consciousness means self-reflection. I only have self-reflection as far as I am aware. "

Many people are constantly wondering how to come to love themselves. You already have it! You also wear a scarf and a cap when it snows outside. You feed your body and vitamins and sleep because your body needs it. You don't go left when you know that there are dangers listening. You buy something nice when you need something. You meet up with friends because it is good for you. You laugh at jokes and you know it's good for you to laugh so heartily. You do things every day that are good for you. Do you notice that That is also self-love. Stop saying that you have too little self-love. You are self love, just, are you aware of it? Be aware of it and take it a step further by being worthy of getting what you want. Your soul is aware that the second best is not the best. Your intuition will feel it immediately. But our ego would be content with that for fear that the best won't come. Tell your ego / fear - NO! I know I deserve the best. Be aware! So be it.

Affirmation: I deserve the best!

Pure Heart Tip: Make an accurate list of what you want. Do not write what you do not want, you already know that when you have reflected, but be determined what you deserve. If you want to attract your soul mate, write down what is important to you. Go deep. Job, character, family, sex life, circle of friends, love of animals, love of children, etc. Write as clearly as possible as if you were placing your order in a restaurant. The second list you write is what you can offer your soul mate. Write the sentences with I AM…. It feels so good! I have filled three A4 pages with things that I can offer my partner. In the end I looked at these pages and said to myself: Wow, I'm great! Whoever gets me should consider themselves very lucky! Don't forget, your soul mate is your mirror! The law of attraction comes into effect. What you send out, you put on! Someone on an equal footing. The second list will help you optimize the first. Have fun and be worth it! Welcome your soul mate into your life!

Pure Heart Music Tip: Somebody To Love-Queen (Get Inspired)

Moon circle for women

The lunar circles are very important in our time. A circle of women of all ages is welcome. This circle is about the exchange of many topics. A different topic each time. All archetypes are there. The young can learn from the wise and vice versa. One listens. It's incredibly magical and very inspiring. They always take place during the full moon or during the full moon week. In summer and when the weather is nice, they take place outdoors. Otherwise in the Pure Heart Center in Winterthur.

Here are the dates until summer ...

April 25, May 22, June 19, 2013 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Energy exchange Fr. 15.-

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Lecture and meditation on the topic "Emotions and clear communication"

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 7 p.m.

New date !!! Lecture on the topic “Divine Male and Divine Female” - understand the different energies to come into your center. Understanding between man and woman.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.

Lectures will take place in the Pure Heart Center, Obergasse 40 in 8400 Winterthur.

Energy exchange Fr. 25.-

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Priestess School 2013/14 (annual training)

In this annual training you will learn to work intensively with the great goddess and to acquire your own priesthood. Get initiated as a priestess of the goddess. We work with the various Avalonian techniques, goddesses and mornings; learn about the festivals of the seasons and their cycles, healing our femininity and body awareness, feminine sexuality and blood mysteries. Dance and movement, rituals, healing circles, Avalonian priesthood, healing wands, Avalonian gates and much more.Let the great goddess into your life. In the weeks in between, you keep a diary and prepare for the topics. Preparation of the festivals etc. This course is structured according to the lunar cycle. May contain nudity.

Do you hear the call of the great mother and feel the longing for Avalon? Would you like to work in a strong women's group and develop your wife?

12. + 13. October 2013, 9. + 10. November 2013, Nov 30th + December 1st 2013,

18. + 19. January 2014, 15. + 16. February 2014, 15. + 16. March 2014, 12. + 13. April 2014,

May 1st, 2014, 17th + 18th May 2014, 14. + 15. June 2014, 12. + 13. July 2014, 16. + 17. August 2014, 13. + 14. September 2014

This training takes place in the Pure Heart Center, Obergasse 40, 8400 Winterthur. From 10 a.m. to approx. 5.30 p.m. each time

Places are limited !!!

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May 1st Beltane Fest

I'm really looking forward to having another wonderful Beltane Festival this year. This year the priestesses will organize the day for you in training. They tell you about the Beltane Festival and do great element rituals with you. They show you how to invoke the sacred wheel of the Nolava and what aspects they represent in us. Then we celebrate the day with a barbecue.

When: Wednesday 1st May 2013

Location: Gatterhütte Winterthur, Gatterstrasse 9, 8400 Winterthur

Start: 1 p.m.

Start of the program: 1.30 p.m.

Energy exchange Fr. 35.-

Children from 5 years to 12 years CHF 5.-

Take away: What you want to grill and something for the buffet (Please let me know what you bring for the buffet so we don't have 10 potato salad, hihi)

If you feel like it, you can dress up like priestesses, druids, etc. This makes it even more fun.

Bring a red candle and an item that you want to dedicate to the goddess. Together we will design a beautiful natural altar and kindle the flame of lovers.

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Until next week! The sky is the limit! Pure Heart ... make a change!

With love, Stephanie

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