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October 19, 2020 Blog

The top 5 examples of custom business stationery to enhance your visual branding

It's the first piece of content that other businesses and consumers interact with.
You may be wondering why stationery design is so important? Well, you know what they say about first impressions - you never get a second chance to get a good one. The same goes for stationery designs. Good stationery design sets the tone from the start, especially when used for B2B marketing.

When done properly, letterheads, envelopes, folders, USBs, CD covers, invoices, and business cards can strengthen your brand and corporate identity.

Business prints are judged on their cover sheet.

5 Best Business Stationery Designs That Complete the Branding Circle

1. Stationery from the Francesco Petrarca Liberal Arts School

Nueve studio captured the essence of an adult liberal arts school and perfectly conveyed its mission and vision. This color palette initially conveys a rich, noble feeling. However, if you dig deeper into the color scheme and gradients, you find that the overall design is very modern and aged at the same time. The school coat of arms as a logo even has the Latin word “Bonum, Veritas, Pulchritudo”, which means “goodness, truth and beauty”.

The golden yellow color on Francesco Petrarca's print from the Liberal Arts School has a subtle gradient that gives a feel of rustic papyrus. The elements used for communication in this stationery are designed using a minimalist approach that suits an educational establishment. The school's coat of arms is on the top of the letterhead, and the contact information is at the bottom. This is an unusual place when it comes to design standards, but it's very intuitive.

Elements like notepads, pens, and notebooks use repetitive designs, creating a seamless pattern. The sleek design of the coat of arms with light lines and typography works well with contrasting colors in black and yellow.

The presentation folder and business cards have a scaled Petrarch portrait that breaks the repeatability of the rest of the stationery design.

2. Spectra Lighting Catalog

Spectra Lighting is an architectural lighting agency and their stationery design definitely matches the name and expectations of a lighting company. Everything about this design is based on the idea of ​​light and effect. Ots achieved through metal and copper tones, thick paper of the highest quality, embossed lettering and a sample of the presentation file. The general feeling that this stationery design exudes can be explained as very modern and simple.

The presentation file attracts your attention with an almost exaggerated gloss, but it goes perfectly with the catalog. The dotted pattern of shiny copper accents offers a unique symmetry at first glance, and the matte black background just invites you to feel the paper material in your hand. The catalog is literally asking you to pick it up.

As soon as you open it, however, you are greeted with minimalist symbols with sleek and light, almost weightless lines and bold dark copper script.

Just like the lightning services that Spectra offers, this design is meant to attract you with modern accents and pizazz, and keep you occupied with simplicity.

3. Adam & Eve law firm branding

Adam & Eve is an intellectual property law firm that stands out from the competition with its superb stationery design. Law firms usually prefer the classy and expensive feel, but their stationery usually looks dull and dry, which Adam & Eva's refreshing approach doesn't.

Playing with the elements of a biblical story in contrast to the names of the lawyers in the law firm results in a balanced stationery that impresses with its minimalism and elegance, but still calls conventional principles into question. The company's logo is its main strength - the commercial and. The “and” sign creates an important symbol of unity throughout the design. The commercial and is soft and round, written in italics and with bold typography.

Even the eco-friendly materials used in this stationery say a lot about Adam & Eve and their mission to return to the beginning, the roots of existence and nature. They cleverly emphasize traditional values ​​with ancient scrolls delivered in modern mailing tubes. The presentation folders look extremely rustic and are supplemented in the middle with simple and inconspicuous labels. Seal and wax stamps made of wood add to the overall experience.

Anyone who receives Adam & Eve letterheads in the mail will be spoiled.

4. Gong Vo

The idea behind Gong Vo's stationery design is pure brilliance that only hits you when you delve deeper into its meaning. Gong Vo is a notebook company whose logo is inspired by Drosera, the insectivorous plant.

The writing is very rounded, like Drosera's hanging stems, and the first letter “O” contains 3 red dots that sit on it like a crispy meal and are ready to be nibbled.

At first glance, you might not see the connection between the notebook company and an insectivorous plant, but the sheer brilliance lies in the way people take notes, ideas and knowledge with just a pen, their hunting tools, and the big, hungry ones People capture notebook. The elastic band ensures that everything is safely stored inside.

The color palette is rich and based on shades of red, navy blue and white. The two patterns of the blue doodles are also inspired by the Drosera plant and go well with the negative space. In fact, it looks like they're forming arrows pointing to the logo in the center. The whole picture is very symmetrical and pleasing to the eye.

The overall stationery design looks balanced with the repetitive logo and doodles on the business cards, letterhead, and brochures making the entire design one cohesive design. The use of matt black and gold embossed colors breaks up the composition well and gives the written communication a more elegant touch.

5. Functional technology

Function Engineering is a company specializing in product development, mechanical design and engineering of industrial equipment including robotics. They are famous for their connection and hinge systems, and with this in mind, creating seamless, interconnected patterns seems like a simple logical solution.

You are a reputable company that deals with functionality and precision - and those are the exact values ​​that are embedded in this stationery design. A monochromatic color scheme reinforces their principles and no-play attitude. Even the brand name reflects this - it's simple and to the point. It is also cheaper to print monochromatic letterheads in the office as it does not require professional printing services.

At first glance, the logo is a simple gear, which means that all pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly like gears and have to perform a certain function. However, upon closer inspection, you can see that the gear is made up of smaller geometric elements that are connected to each other.

Business stationery is important because it is another extension of your brand

A piece of good advice before you start designing is to really get the feel for the brand and the emotions that go with it. Immerse yourself in the history of your brand. A detailed customer letter and your personal research skills play a decisive role here.

Don't forget to consider the heart and soul of your brand - this should be the basis for all of your designs.

Be sure to ask the customer how the stationery elements are printed. If you're using the black and white office printer, there's no need to deliver colorful letterhead. Also, office printers can sometimes cut out portions of the letterhead design if they are close to the edge. None of this is a problem if the customer wants to use professional printing services.

Get to know these technical terms - vent area, trim and safety lines. The vent area is the outermost edge of the design that should be kept blank as the trimming process is not always 100 percent precise. The safety zone is for logos and text, as well as anything that you don't want to fold or cut.
These are some of the more technical aspects of print design that you will learn as you grow as either a brand or a designer. However, they are important when creating these print designs. Stationery is important and can influence the perception of your brand.

Use these guidelines and examples as inspiration for your next stationery design.