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13 tricks to hide your pregnancy

When the pregnancy test comes back positive and you and your partner go mad with joy, it can be hard to keep it a secret in the beginning. For the next several months, you will do your best not to tell the world the news about your baby. And keeping pregnancy a secret can be quite difficult because the greatest adventure of your life is just around the corner! That is why we have listed 13 tricks you can use to carefully hide your pregnancy.

Why keep pregnancy a secret?

Many couples expecting a baby hide the pregnancy for a while because the risk of miscarriage is greatest in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. If you are happy to have shared it with family, friends and Facebook acquaintances at an early age, you unfortunately have to tell them the sad news of losing a baby in the event of a miscarriage. Other couples also like to keep their news to themselves for a while. That way, they can get used to becoming parents and enjoy the news as a couple. There are also women and couples who get pregnant unintentionally. They also usually don't let you know that early because it's not always certain that they want to keep the baby. You need time to think first.

Hide pregnancy at a party

Going out for a drink with family and friends on a birthday or in the pub becomes a really nice thing when you're pregnant. Because how can you keep your pregnancy a secret at a party or a meal with carpaccio, alcohol and cheese? You can use these tips to keep your pregnancy a secret from family and friends.

1. Driving a car

Of course, if you regularly drive to parties, this is the ultimate excuse not to have to drink. You have good reason to turn down a glass of alcohol and your partner can have a few drinks with peace of mind.

2. Stop eating 'forbidden' foods long before you become pregnant

You may already be pregnant, but if you start not drinking alcohol or eating foods you shouldn't eat during pregnancy six months before you want to become pregnant, no one will know if you are pregnant. Saying thank you for alcohol every now and then and having a drink at another time will ensure you don't arouse suspicion.

3. A Trick To Hide Your Pregnancy: Chinese Restaurant Syndrome

Pregnancy problems can strike mercilessly in the first few weeks. And if you want to go for a birthday but feel sick from the simplest meal, Chinese restaurant syndrome is a good excuse. Some people get sick with a certain substance in Chinese food, which causes vomiting and diarrhea. A handy excuse not to eat that brie toast and only eat light fare at the party.

4. Keep pregnancy a secret? Drink wine without alcohol

If you're not comfortable with not drinking but are pregnant, then non-alcoholic wine is an option. If you have dinner in a restaurant, be there early and inform the bar staff that you can only drink non-alcoholic wine. Are you organizing a party yourself? Pour the alcohol-free wine into an empty wine bottle and pour yourself a generous amount over the course of the evening. And at a friend's party, you have a sip of wine every now and then and just empty the glass into the toilet.

5. Detox, dieting or a month without alcohol

You've always wanted to do this detox, you've been on a diet for a while (and lost a few pounds!), Or you've stopped drinking for a month. If you go to the gym regularly, these aren't crazy excuses. And it will be a lot easier to keep your pregnancy a secret this Christmas too.

6. Fake migraines

Nausea can be explained by saying you have migraines. With this severe headache, many people get really nauseous. If you have had migraines in the past few days and have been very sick, no one is going to offer you an alcoholic drink.

7. Pregnancy problems: pressure in the workplace

Fortunately, your family and friends don't know what your work day is like. Explain that you are busy with work and feel uncomfortable about it (because of stress instead of nausea). And of course at work you use this excuse the other way around!

8. Entrust the secret to someone

To add strength to your story, it's nice to trust someone who will help you. This could be your partner downing your glass of wine or a friend saying that you just drank a little too much last night. With a little help, this pregnancy is so denied!

9. Don't say anything to your other children just yet

If you already have children, it is advisable not to tell them yet. Some children are good at keeping secrets, but you never know if they will just tell the family. Explain to them just before the start of the second trimester, and if necessary, let them help reveal your pregnancy!

Keep pregnancy a secret at work

Hiding your pregnancy from coworkers can also be difficult. In fact, if you work full-time, you may spend more time with some coworkers than your partner each week! These tricks will help keep your pregnancy a secret in the workplace.

10. Coming to work by car

If you drive to work, you have a good excuse for not drinking alcohol. Do you live near your work? If necessary, tell them that you will be driving on to your parents or that you need to pick something up from a friend. So your story is complete.

11. Drink less coffee because of ’poor sleep’

Do you usually stand by the coffee machine a lot? The excuse for poor sleep is your salvation. Let them know that you will only drink one cup a day now or you will sleep poorly. And of course, explain the negative effects of caffeine to your colleagues in detail.

12. Hide your belly with clothes

Up to the 12th week of pregnancy it is not usually visible on your stomach that you are pregnant. Still, it can feel like the baby bump is palpable. So you can easily hide your stomach with loose clothing or a jacket. In the summer you can hide your pregnancy with a dress that falls further. Have you noticed that the button on your trousers is difficult to close, but you don’t want to wear maternity trousers yet? Attach an elastic band to the buttonhole and tie it around the button. Make sure your top is long enough to fall over 😉

13. Are you terribly sick? Make it known

Many women suffer from morning sickness in particular, which disappears after a few hours. But unfortunately you feel sick most of the day and you can't keep your food in your stomach? Then it is better to inform your employer and your immediate colleagues. Having a stomach flu for a week and a half can still be warranted, but that's when you really realize you're still sick.

Why not keep the pregnancy a secret?

Just as there are reasons to keep your pregnancy a secret, there are certainly reasons to call it straight from the rooftops. If you tell them immediately that you are pregnant, you can share your happiness with many people. You can also count on a lot of support in case things go wrong. In addition, there is always the possibility that you will have a miscarriage later in pregnancy. Unfortunately, this limit of 12 weeks of pregnancy is not leading.

Hide pregnancy

This way you will keep your pregnancy a secret for the coming weeks!