The job market for accountants is growing

Certified financial accountant

The job market for accountants is currently positive. This can be seen from various facts and statistics. On this page we have therefore collected some data on the financial accountant's labor market and presented them in graphics. You can call up the graphics either as an infographic or in the form of a slideshow.

Number of employees subject to social security contributions

The job market for financial accountants is characterized by high employment. (Please note the note regarding the statistical data) It is true that between 1999 and 2010 the number of employees fell from 202,697 to 175,886. The number of employees has been growing again since 2011.

Financial accountant number of employees

Unemployment rate for accountants

Financial accountant unemployment

Unemployment is currently low and has fallen from 8.3% in 1999 to 5.7% in 2011. Here can in fact from full employment to be spoken. Of course, this is also heavily dependent on the respective industry.

Job security through further training

So that it stays that way for you, you consolidate and expand your specialist knowledge through timely and qualified training. Make yourself indispensable for your company with a certified course to become a certified financial accountant.

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