What is the deadliest sport

It's the most dangerous sport

Not only extreme sports such as base jumping, cave diving or ice climbing are life-threatening. Recreational athletes risk their lives doing completely different activities.

Doctors at the University of Munich examined the bodies of 116 people who had died while exercising. Torsten Landwehr's scientists at the Institute for Forensic Medicine wanted to find out why they died. The doctors also took tissue samples and looked to see if the people involved in exercise had consumed alcohol or drugs.

The most common sport that people died from:

  • Swimming (32 cases)
  • Diving (11 cases)
  • Mountain hiking (11 falls)

According to these causes of death, most of the causes were drowning at 44.8 percent and multiple trauma at 32.8 percent, i.e. multiple injuries at the same time.

Died of heart disease while exercising

Most of the bodies were male: 93 men and 23 women died while exercising. The vast majority were recreational athletes and an average age of 43 years. Nine of the deceased had drunk a lot of alcohol before exercising. The doctors did not find any drugs or doping agents.

Five of the fatalities had died of heart diseases such as myocardial infarction or coronary thrombosis while exercising. "Those who do sports who do not adjust the amount of physical activity to their individual level of training are particularly at risk of sudden cardiac death," the doctors write.

Adapt the effort to the level of training

The doctors believe that the reason for this was previously unknown heart disease: physical activity could make the diseases noticeable and provoke sudden cardiac death, they write. That is why they usually found no evidence of the cause of drowning in those who drowned while swimming.

However, the study does not show a realistic picture of deaths from sport in society, according to the researchers. Because corpses would only be examined if the reason for death was not clear. This is why the study does not include all deaths during sports.

Overall, the sport has changed fundamentally in the past few decades, the researchers write. People are becoming more willing to take risks, and trend and extreme sports are becoming more and more popular. Deaths also increased. Doctors also see a "lack of honest self-assessment of one's own physical performance" as a major cause of this development.

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