How can I download Quantico TV series

Does "Quantico" run on Netflix?

In April 2018, the 3rd season started in the US. The German free TV date has not yet been announced. But what about the streaming offer? Is “Quantico” also coming on Netflix?

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"Quantico" tells the story of special FBI agent Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra), who is mistaken for an assassin after a devastating terrorist attack. The exciting crime series has three seasons and a total of 57 episodes. After the 3rd season, however, she was canceled. There is bad news for all Netflix subscribers. "Quantico" is currently not offered in the streaming flat rate on Netflix. We list the alternatives here.

In season 3, Alex retired to a winery in Italy after all the tortures. But the widow, an unscrupulous arms dealer, does not give up and sends henchmen to search for Alex. Alex has to flee again and contact her old colleagues.

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"Quantico" is currently not on Netflix: These are the alternatives

At the moment you can find "Quantico" at the following providers:

"Quantico" Season 1: Amazon, maxdome, iTunes

"Quantico" Season 2: Amazon, maxdome, iTunes

"Quantico" Season 3: Amazon, maxdome, iTunes (only in English)

It is not known whether and when Pro7 will broadcast the third season. After the rather unsatisfactory audience ratings during the second season, the station can no longer include the third season in the program. Or maybe she just switches to sister station sixx, as has already happened with other unsuccessful series on Pro7.

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