How do I meet Billie Eilish

A meeting with Eilish

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I open my eyes and see some rays of sun shining through my window onto my bed. I look at the clock. It is 10:17 am. My alarm clock will actually only ring in 43 minutes, which means I could still sleep. But since I'm not tired anymore, I get up and go to my small bathroom. I turn on music and take a long shower.

After taking a shower, I brush my teeth and put on a plaid shirt and dark blue pants. I look at my outfit in the mirror and change about 50 times before I have an outfit that I think is okay. In the end, it's just a white hoodie and dark blue pants.

It is now 12:08 pm and I sit down at my desk a little longer and talk to my best friend on the phone.
She answers: "Heyyy, y / n! How are you? I tried to call you yesterday, but you didn't answer. How's it going in LA?", She asks.
"It's pretty nice here, but actually I wanted to tell you something completely different." "Something exciting? Have you met a hot, rich guy?" She asks excitedly. I roll my eyes and have to laugh a little. "No, unfortunately not a rich guy, but something else. Do you know Billie Eilish?" "Of course! What about her, did you see her?" She asks. "Yes, and not only that. I'll meet you in a moment." She is silent. But after a few moments she screeches a hysterical 'WHAT ?!' into the phone. I flinch a little. "Yeah, I went to Starbucks and then she came in and sat down with me and we talked. Then a couple of fans came and she had to leave, but she wrote me her number on her coffee mug," I explain. My best friend is silent again. "So you're actually on a date with Billie Eilish," she says in a provocative, seductive voice. I laugh and mumble an 'is clear' into the cell phone.

After a long conversation about this and that, I look at my watch and get a little shocked. Already 1:43 p.m.! I say goodbye to my best friend and hang up.

I run down the stairs and put on my vans. I put my headphones in my ears and jog to the little park.

Once there, I look around for a big tree and I don't have to look far, because I see Billie leaning against a really big tree. She wears a white jacket and white pants. While I walk up to her, I check my cell phone. 2:02 pm. When I'm not even on time. In my mind, I proudly pat myself on the shoulder and put my phone away again.

Billie smiles at me and welcomes me into an unexpected tight hug.

"Hey.", She greets me. I smile "Hey" She pulls my wrist under the tree and sits down.
We just look at each other for a few minutes, which, strangely, does not become uncomfortable. "Aren't you afraid someone might recognize you?" I ask curiously and break the silence. "Not really. People don't expect to see me in this part of LA. The girls yesterday were actually an exception," she explains, shrugging her shoulders. "I had never heard from you before until your song was recommended to me on Spotify. When the party's over or something," I admit. "Well then you now have the chance to really get to know me.", She says and smiles.

We talk for a long time and our conversations become deeper and more private. I tell her about my parents and that I just moved here. She tells me that she grew up here. Then she tells me how she writes Finneas songs with her brother and how she became known. I listen to her story eagerly and tell her that when I was little I tried to write a song and I promise to show her it. I'm sure she'll laugh at me, but I don't care. She also tells me about her ex named Q and asks me if I have an ex too. I explain to her that I've never fallen in love with a guy and have no idea why.

It goes on like this for a while, until I look at the clock and realize with a shock that it is already 8:48 pm. My mother will be home in about 10 minutes. Disappointed, I put my cell phone away. "My mom will be home soon. I have to go," I tell Billie. She also seems disappointed and stands up to help me up. She pulls me into a long hug. I feel like this hug will never end, but that's exactly what I want it to never end. After two minutes we break up and smile at each other.
"Do you want to sleep with me?" Asks Billie and I could almost jump in the air for joy. I nod and take out my cell phone to text my mom that I'm sleeping with a friend. I put it away and Billie leads me to a small, rather nondescript car on the side of the road.

She gets in and starts the engine. I get in on the other side and buckle up.

"You can drive a car?" I ask her, a little puzzled. "No." I look at her a bit puzzled, but she says nothing more about it. So I don't ask any more questions and look out onto the street.

After a few minutes we arrive in a small street and Billie parks in front of a relatively small house, which I did not expect as she is quite successful.

She leads me in and up a wide flight of stairs to a red-lit room. I sit down on her bed and she gets a ukulele that hangs on the wall. Billie sits down next to me and hands me the ukulele. I look at her questioningly and she smiles. "Play something," she says.
"I can't play," I explain and shrug my shoulders. "Try it," she says. I pluck a few pages and try in vain to play a melody.

After a while, she takes the ukulele from me and laughs at me. I laugh with you and she starts to play herself. I listen to her half dazed by the beautiful sound and she starts to sing.
"Hey, call me back when you get this ..." Your voice is perfect and my body tingles at the sound.

She sings the last notes and puts the ukulele down. Then she gives me a much too big t-shirt and sweatpants and says I can change in the bathroom.

When I come back Billie is also putting on a loose black t-shirt. I drop into her bed and she jumps on the bed next to me. "tired?" she asks and snuggles up next to me. I close my eyes and nod. She is so close to me that I can easily feel her breath on my neck and her heartbeat on my shoulder. After a few minutes I notice how I slowly fall asleep until I don't notice anything anymore and fall into a dreamless sleep.


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