What is a paste web server

Set up your own paste server


ZeroBin does not look as fancy as Sticky Notes, for example - but it has decisive advantages: Since no registration is required here, pasting can be done completely anonymously. And as a server operator, I have no idea what kind of data is in there, because it is encrypted. The part after the # is a key in the URL that comes out when saving. Without this part, the paste itself (the part before the #) cannot be deciphered. The decryption takes place in the browser itself. So you can upload explosive texts there and distribute the URL on the web or relatively unsafe by email. The key to this could, for example, be on another, safer transport route such as. notify someone by letter. Optionally, the paste itself can then be destroyed after a certain time or after the first call.


Installing ZeroBin is really easy. In short: only make the folder accessible via the web. For those who want it a little longer:

The paste can then be called under. I also recommend making the whole thing accessible via a virtual host as a subdomain and setting up SSL encryption.

For the Ubernauts among us:

This means that the paste instance can be reached at.

And now: have fun pasting!