What is LinkedIn for?

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In contrast to Facebook and Co., the social network LinkedIn has specialized in the field of work and career. Use the platform to make new business contacts, to search for suitable companies or to supplement your own application. In this article we will show you the basic functions, the structure of the platform and how you can use it successfully.

What is LinkedIn

In one sentence, LinkedIn is a social network that is specially adapted to the needs and search queries of professionals, employers and headhunters. You have the opportunity to exchange ideas with former colleagues or to look for suitable companies or job offers. Basically, creating a profile and using LinkedIn is free of charge. However, there are also paid premium memberships that provide additional functions. This range of functions includes, among other things, online video courses, the display of a list of your profile visitors or access to salary comparisons. The cheapest premium membership "Career"costs € 24.49 per month, the most expensive"Employee search"is available for € 88.50 per month and has features specifically designed for sales and recruitment professionals.

What is LinkedIn good for?

By specifying skills, interests and previous work experience, recruiters have the opportunity to find suitable employees for their job advertisements. Especially in the areas IT, finance, automobiles and marketing LinkedIn is well represented. The network can also use the information in your profile to show you suitable job offers.

Network successfully

You can't just talk to your contacts personal messages communicate with each other, but also specifically search for companies and their employees. Besides, you can Groups with job-related topics create or join and receive an industry-specific exchange. Just click on the tab "Your network"to manage your contacts or add new contacts.


Find suitable vacancies

Companies are now deliberately creating job postings for networks such as LinkedIn or Xing. If you are logged in as a user, you will find the item "Jobs". There you can Browse job offers and after Filter locations. You also have the option of up to three Store and track job ads. This can be useful if you have sent a large number of applications and want to check whether a vacancy is still open or already filled.


How to create your own profile

In contrast to Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is not about the hobbies or interests of the users, but about their professional career - similar to the résumé in an application.

Tip: Place the URL of your LinkedIn profile in the area of ​​your contact details on an application. In this way, your future employer can learn even more about your professional career than fits in a cover letter. Such a link is perfect for online applications.

LinkedIn vs. Xing

Xing is the German equivalent of LinkedIn and is similarly designed as a network especially for the professional world. Compared to Xing, LinkedIn is currently in second place in Germany, but you should network across borders you should clearly stick to LinkedIn, as it plays a bigger role at the international level.