Why did God create evolution?

Creator God and Evolution

According to the Bible, the world was created in seven days. Science, on the other hand, estimates that four and a half billion years lie between the creation of planet earth and the appearance of the first humans. How can Christians feel about these seemingly contradicting statements?

As a prerequisite for an answer, it should be noted that representatives of the faith and natural scientists think about different questions:

Faith is based on the question "On what does man trust? What for Does man live? ”He replies:“ As you are, God willed you and commissioned you to preserve creation. ”With that, faith says something about the original ground and the original destiny of man.

In contrast, natural science tries to answer the question "How did man come into being?" So far it has been assumed that humans and all other living beings will continue to develop if a random change in the genes (mutation) leads to an individual being able to adapt even better to his environment than his fellow species. This enables him to reproduce more successfully and thus pass on his genes to the next generation.

So the representatives of religion and science deal with different questions. Therefore, the two explanatory approaches cannot be compared with one another. That's what it says answerthat Christians also believe in a creator God at the same time and can explain the development of living beings using the theory of evolution. Faith and science are not mutually exclusive.
The Protestant Church encourages a dialogue with representatives of the natural sciences in order to be able to better understand the reality of the world in its entirety.

Christian belief in creation

In the Bible there is two different accounts of creationthat tell of how God created the world. In the older, second story, the author reports that God first formed man out of earth and breathed life into him, only then did God let plants sprout. This story is believed to date from around 950 BC. Chr .. (Genesis chapter 2, verse 5 ff)
About 400 years later the first, more recent creation account was written, with the words of which the Bible begins (Genesis chapter 1, verse 1): "In the beginning God created heaven and earth." Here God creates the world and living beings through his word , so also humans. In contrast to the older report, the earth is already inhabited by plants and animals before humans appear.
The authors of the two biblical accounts relied on their knowledge in their respective time and they tried to explain how the earth and living beings could have come into being; There were no natural sciences in the modern sense. One thing, however, connects the reports: They assume that God the Creator is. The Statement of belief Both texts say that humans as well as animals and plants are creatures of God, that they are willed by God. Humans have a unique special position. As the image of God, man has the task of dealing responsibly with his fellow creatures, animals and plants.