Why is Fortnite more famous than PUBG

"Fortnite" or "PUBG"? | Distinguish in it
the game rivals

For a long time, two games were no longer in such direct competition: Both “Fortnite” and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (“PUBG”) lay claim to the crown in the battle royale genre.

The two games not only differ in their looks - BILD explains the differences.

Battle Royale

The genre of PUBG is called Battle Royale and is based on the film of the same name. In this country, most of the well-known film series “The Hunger Games” is better known. A similar concept is also used in PUBG. 100 players fight for victory; every man for himself; Weapons have to be found first and the combat zone is getting smaller and smaller as the game progresses.

The gameplay

Even if the basic idea of ​​both games is the same, the gameplay differs significantly:

► Games in "PUBG“Are slower, the map is more extensive, the distances are greater. Also, players can lie down, making them harder to spot. Matches last up to 30 minutes.

► „Fortnite“It plays a lot faster, the games last around 20 minutes - even less in the new Blitz mode. But that's no less tactical: especially towards the end of a round, smart building often decides whether to win or lose.

The weapons

Both games offer a large arsenal of weapons. While "PUGB" focuses on complexity, "Fortnite" focuses on accessibility.

► Anyone who likes to retrofit video game guns with aiming aids or silencers has in "PUBG" the agony of choice. Everywhere on the map you can find not only the normal weapons but also attachments that can be used to improve the shooting device. The large selection and the fiddly menu can also put off beginners.

► „Fortnite“It's simpler with the weapons: there are no attachments and weapons float clearly visible and glowing above the floor. This system is much simpler - but also offers less depth.

The cards

► With "PUBG“The maps are much larger - a whopping eight by eight kilometers - and vehicles are ready to sweep over the map. And you have to use it: If the storm approaches and the safe zone is too far away, you have no chance without a vehicle.

► „Fortnite“On the other hand, completely dispenses with vehicles - it doesn't even need to, because the map can also be easily accessed on foot. But "Fortnite" offers more mountains that you can climb, and elevated positions such as houses.

Pricing model and availability

Both games are free as an app for the smartphone. "Fortnite" is only available for the iPhone. “PUBG”, on the other hand, runs on both the iPhone and Android.

► Both games are also represented on the PC and console. "PUBG“Only runs on the Xbox and, unlike“ Fortnite ”, is not free-to-play either: 29.99 euros are called for the title.

► With "Fortnite“On the other hand, the Battle Royale mode can also be played for free on PC, Mac, Xbox and PS4. There is a so-called "Save the World" mode in which players compete against hordes of zombies, which can be unlocked for 39.99 euros - but this is not necessary for Battle Royale.

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