At what moment did you hate smartphones

[Blog Parade] Show us the first page on your smartphone ... and show who you are!

Maybe you have already seen my article for this blog parade ?! I want to invite you to participate today. For a better understanding, a little story that couldn't be more banal. And still made me smile.

If you work as a coach or something, then you've definitely attended one or the other seminar. The same introductory games are often popular with coaches there and I hated them. Always. This is not only because I've had to do it umpteen times, but because my face and name memory is really bad. In order to be able to remember people, I need the story and some time.

I was recently at a seminar and we had to take out our keys one after the other and talk about each of these things. "This is my front door key, because I live ..."

Laaa boring!

But it is still fascinating how many details a small object like a key can tell about us. Derive something big from small, inconspicuous things. In the best Sherlock fashion.

This thought also occurred to me recently when I banned the jogging app from the first page of my smartphone to the second page. So I took the app one page further and thought to myself:

"If someone looks at what I have on the first page, they get a pretty good picture of me."

And - ZACK - that's how the idea for this blog parade came about.

Why you should show yourself in this blog parade

I'm a big fan of letting the people behind my company shine through. After all, people prefer to connect with people. That is why I am convinced: like to show yourself personally in your business, but never in private and intimate terms.

Sometimes that takes a little courage because it's unfamiliar to show your personal side. Some bloggers and podcasters are afraid of appearing unprofessional. But it doesn't have to be.

With this campaign I want to lure the people behind your blog and your podcast to the surface. So that your readers and listeners perceive you even better and build a closer relationship with you.

Apart from that, you might also have some cool productivity tips or the like that you want to share with us.

Why this way and not differently?


There are a handful of blog parades that really have a good topic and inspire. I often get the impression: β€œPhew, I've seen it dozens of times. That is no longer exciting. "

That's why I want to do something different. And I don't want to sit in a circle and unpack my keys.

If I'm still honest: I'm not so sure how well this will be received and whether it's just a crazy idea. πŸ˜€

But hey, if you don't dare, you won't win.

What are the rules of the game for this blog parade?

  • Do one Screenshot from the first page of your smartphone and insert it into a blog post (If your background image shows something that is not intended for the general public, then of course not)
  • Tell us Why you have exactly these apps on the start page and what these apps to do with you to have.
  • Maybe there is one too history to your background image? If so, feel free to tell them.
  • Mention in your post this blog parade and link it. So maybe even more join in and the thing will get really big.
  • If you have done your article / your podcast about it, then write me the link under this article
  • In the end, I turn the participants into one Total post with link and all the trimmings. Something like this.
  • End of the blog parade: October 16, 2015

But what stands above all: This blog parade should be fun. It's a mix of personal narration and app introduction. If your gut is telling you that you don't want to show a certain thing, don't do it. You can move apps around. πŸ˜‰


Are you at the start ?!

I'm happy for you!