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Peugeot with a new logo: the lion is dead, long live the lion!

The Peugeot brand gets a new logo: a coat of arms adorned with a stately lion's head. Pretty retro, don't you think? Indeed, connoisseurs will remember the 1960s trademark, to which it shares many similarities.

As of 1850, Peugeot had ten consecutive logos, each with the lion's crest. Today the Peugeot Design Lab, the Global Brand Design Studio of the Peugeot brand, designed an eleventh version that, according to the French, looks even slimmer, more high-quality and more elegant. Be that as it may: The lion's head is celebrating its comeback, but instead of a wild mane, parted with hipster hair.

The current logo from 2010 has been changed to honor the brand's rise. After completely redesigning the vehicles over the past decade, Peugeot is now redesigning its logo to keep up with the products. With the launch of a product range heralded by the new Peugeot 308, with a new website and with the establishment of Stellantis, the stars are looking good in early 2021.

New Peugeot logo (2021)

What you may not have known yet, but is thrown at us by the marketing-heavy press release: "As an innovative high-end generalist brand, Peugeot offers an incorrigible experience both online, on board the vehicles and at the dealerships. The new logo is a synonym for prestige, trust and longevity. With him and his new visual identity, Peugeot combines history and hypermodernity. "

With the new coat of arms, Peugeot set out to conquer new countries, accelerate international growth and export French style and know-how as well as French elegance. The lion brand is opening a new page in its history, a new era. She now has a new commitment to her customers: turning the time spent with her into quality time.

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And where will we see the new logo? First probably the next Peugeot 308, which will be presented in a few weeks as a technical relative of the DS 4 and the upcoming Opel Astra.

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