Can I learn how to rap

How can I learn to rap?


People who say things like, either you can or you can't, are wrong in my opinion! At that time I started to sit in the car with a buddy, listen to burnt instrumentals, smoke weed, and talk about something ... I advise against weed ...

I have to say that I made a big mistake. I really wanted to find my own style by breaking and bending. And I forbade myself to do things like studying rhyming patterns of other rappers etc.

In freestyle, I got a good sense of tact and the flow was great. However, I made the mistake that, as I said, I never looked at the rhyming patterns in theory and practice. So I packed syllables into the texts as I pleased, and just made what doesn't fit is made to fit.

I mean everyone as he means, but if you are to please the listeners out there, there are a few rules you have to follow.

When people got on my nerves on the Internet and said, your flow sucks. I thought to myself, okay, I'll show you a good flow once, and then I proved it to myself and did the following:

I assumed eight / eighth notes, which make up a verse. And knew one thing, a good flow should alternate in the number of syllables.
So I took a piece of paper and defined how many syllables the first line should have. So I said I have eight / eighths. I take away the 8 eighth notes, 1 eighth note, and now have seven eighths and a separate eighth note, I define this separate eighth note in 4/32 beats.
1 eighth note = 4 / 32nd notes, 8 eighth notes - 1 eighth note + 4 / 32nd notes = 11 syllables
The second line was built differently for you, so that you get an even number of syllables.

To make it sound more interesting, the number of syllables should change from time to time, and not only rap 11 -> 12 as Chrizzo likes, but also bring 13-14 or 13-16 ...

This method is particularly suitable for beginners, because you can simply draw seven boxes on a piece of paper and separate your words into syllables there.

At the time, to be lazy, I did it in Openoffice Writer, where I simply inserted lines, or in Openoffice Calc ..

When I did that a year or so ago, and put it on Myspace, I got PM's with a cool flow ... But then I just thought, you are that easy to have, fuck off ... I prefer to do it that way as I like it, even if you don't feel like it ...

Another point is, you have to stretch your voice. Sounds strange, but that's how it is. In the beginning, you just don't have the ability to speak / rap tempo to match a beat. You just can't get as many syllables in time as it would be right.

To do this, you should do the following: Take a few short syllables that rhyme. E.g. Ta Ka Ka Ta Ka Pa Ta Ka Ka Ta Ka
Then you take a beat and try to repeat these syllables over and over in time.

I mean, it's complicated for the untrained tongue at first. Of course, I like to take it to the extreme and take it three times.

Means you build yourself a beat like me, to 90 bpm. Do this exercise. When you have it, you double the BPM to 180.
This becomes very easy over time, then you go to 270 BPM.

At 270 BPM it gets very difficult. The tongue has to shoot out the syllables like a sewing machine! However, you are already forced to control your breath, and you have few pauses, and you have to breathe in parallel to the syllable, which is very helpful !!!!

With these exercises you get your flow straight, you calibrate your speaking organ !!!

However, the question now comes, what do you want to tell people?
You need content! And above all, content is no longer enough today. In any case, if you want rap listeners to listen to you, then you have to bring at least polysyllabic rhymes and, depending on the target group, the appropriate content.

But for the beginning you can also bring such senseless things for the rhymes like:

I'm stuck in a traffic jam right now, nothing works like a stomach lock //
If I had tickets for the bus, I wouldn't have to wait until the end //
Is that a shitty day, why is it happening to me ......
I'm expecting four friends to do karate for //
Kumite Training ... that's so crappy //
But why don't I look at the traffic jam warnings, I ought to know

What you are reading is an upscale pro flow! This combines a red thread and polysyllabic stressed rhyme chains, plus a preferred ending word and clean rhymes ... Certainly this is not perfect on the fast track, but as Chrizzo said above or in another thread, with a little time, you get things out of the way the sleeve they just sound awesome .. Personally, I don't believe in it, and I don't do it either, and I always get to hear from people ... Boring use double rhymes .... but well ... I don't have to prove anything to anyone out there ... I know what I can do ...

But in order to find such polysyllabic chains, it is important to look at what you have to rhyme and what you can neglect. The unstressed passages can be safely forgotten.

As with stomach obstruction / tickets ____ bus --- This is unstressed and unimportant for a nice sound ... Even when you wait ___ No more ...
The bis is unstressed and, strictly speaking, wouldn't rhyme at all, but it doesn't matter because of the unstressed syllable ...

In the beginning it is only enough if you sit in the house with Claus and see a mouse ...

Because honestly, you don't have to prove anything to anyone out there !!! Just have fun! Dive deeper into music theory and learn to make beats. Learn harmonies and things that have nothing to do with rapping. And very important, also relevant for rappers, deal with syncope.

Best regards

Hyper genius

PS. For example, I use rap as a donkey bridge to deal with the material I am learning. Here, for example, the basics of operating systems ... Check it

Make rap a tool, and not an instrument to mike the clown for others ... If you want to stand in front so that people can hear you, you'd better modernize the church;)