Where should I send my summary?

Review and share your form results

Microsoft Forms includes rich, real-time analytics that provide summary information about responses and individual results for surveys and other types of forms. You can export the results to Microsoft Excel for more detailed analysis, delete the answers, or print a summary of the answers.

View response summary information for your form

In Microsoft Forms, open the form that you want to review the results for, and then select the Responses tab.

At the top you can see summary information about your form, e.g. For example, the number of responses and the average time it took for respondents to complete the form. Next to each question you can see the number of answers and a chart with a breakdown of the answers.

Note: When insights are generated for your form, you will see the Ideas icon. Additional Information.

View details for each question

Select under individual questions the On the Answers tab, click the More Details link to view more details about this question.

Tip: Select the column headings to sort the answer results.

Review answer data for each question

Choose They view results to view individual details for each respondent.

Use the LEFT ARROW and RIGHT ARROW to step through the result details of other answers.

You can also use the drop-down list to jump to the results for a specific respondent.

Note: If you have 50+ respondents, scroll down to the bottom of the drop-down list and select Further Show respondents to see the remaining responses.

You can also search for a single answer by entering the number (e.g. 25) in the Responder field associated with that answer.

Tip: Searching for a single answer with the associated identification number (ID) is particularly helpful when answers are collected anonymously. The responder ID is exclusive to every answer that can be found in the first column of your workbook when you export your answers and into an Excel.

Choose See more options , to delete all responses, print a summary of the responses, create a summary link to share with other people, or sync all responses to a new workbook.

View form results in an Excel workbook

You can easily find all the response data for your form in a Microsoft Excel. Choose On Excel Responses tab, select Open to capture a snapshot of your current response data in a workbook.


  • If you created your form in Microsoft Forms and In ExcelSelecting Open opens an offline Excel workbook that has no relationship or connection to your form.

  • If you've created your form in OneDrive and in ExcelIf you select Open, your Excel workbook is automatically saved in OneDrive for work or school / university and contains a live data connection to your form. Any new response data on your form will appear in The Workbook.

  • If you've created your form in Excel for the web and In ExcelIf you select Open, your Excel workbook is automatically saved in OneDrive for work or school / university and contains a live data connection to your form. Any new response data on your form will appear in The Workbook.

Troubleshoot exporting data

If you encounter a download error, learn how to solve problems exporting form data to Excel.

Analyze form results in Excel

In your Excel, details of every question on your form are displayed in columns and each answer is displayed on one row. The first five columns show the Responder ID, the start and completion times for each reply, and each respondent's name and email address. The choice of respondents is displayed in the following columns.


  • The response ID is exclusive to every response on your form. You can find individual responses and their corresponding Response IDs by selecting View Results on the Responses tab of their form.

  • Any changes you make to the workbook do not change the contents of the form.

  • Names and email addresses won't appear if you allow your form to accept anonymous responses.

Share results with others

  1. Choose the Responses tab out.

  2. Choose See more options > Create a Summary links.

  3. Choose Copy out.

When you paste this link, anyone with the link will be able to view a summary of the responses for your form.


  • If you are collaborating on a form with specific people in your organization, only you, the form owner, can create a summary link for your form if you don't already have a form. Co-authors can still copy and share your summary link, but they cannot create one themselves. Co-authors can create new summary links in other collaboration modes that aren't set for specific people in your organization.

  • Also, be aware that if you share your form responses with other people in your organization and then choose to share only with specific people in your organization, any pre-existing summary share links will be accessible by people inside or outside your organization. You can delete an existing summary link to deactivate it. This will reduce access to the response data. To do this, go to the Responses tab> Further Options > link "Get summary"> Remove link (trash can icon). Optional: You can then create a new summary link if you want to share it with a new audience. However, this new summary link will still be available to anyone who receives it into the holding room.

Feedback Hub for Microsoft Forms

We'd love to hear from you! To send feedback through Microsoft Forms, select in the upper right corner of your form Further form settings > Feedback out.

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