How do UK's Marines compare to USMC

How UK MoD, the US Marine Corps and the German Armed Forces are streamlining their supply chain

LONDON, April 23 / PRNewswire / - To keep up with today's operations, logisticians need an agile supply chain. Armed forces around the world are looking for solutions that enable rapid procurement, maintenance and replacement of military assets in what are often difficult scenarios.

Addressing this challenge, Defense IQ is presenting the 14th annual Defense Logistics conference, which will take place in Brussels from February 21 to 23, 2017.

Learn more from knowledgeable speakers including:

  • Mr Roger West, Head of Logistics Delivery Operating Center, Defense Equipment and Support, UK MoD
  • Mr. Rune Fromreide Sommer, CEO, Delivery Department, Norwegian Defense Logistics Organization
  • Maj. Gen. Craig Crenshaw, commanding general, Marine Corps Logistics Command
  • Maj. Gen. Angus Fay, Deputy Chief of Staff (Logistics Operations), UK MoD
  • Maj. Gen. Samuel Nandwa, Defense Force Deputy Chief for Personnel and Logistics, Kenyan Ministry of Defense
  • Brigadier General Michael Vetter, Commander of the Bundeswehr Logistics Center, Bundeswehr
  • Colonel Jaroslav Schoen, Branch Manager, Logistics Planning & Operations, Army of the Czech Republic

For a full list of speakers and sessions, download the program here >>

What's new in 2016?

  • A number of senior military personnel from NATO and non-NATO countries offer a global perspective on the key logistical challenges in current operations
  • Presentations explaining how industry can be involved to create cost efficient and effective solutions
  • A pre-conference workshop to educate participants on how new technologies can be safely integrated into the supply chain

The program, event details and registration information for the forum are available from, on + 44- (0) 207-368-9809 or by email at [email protected] .uk

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