What are Lesser Known Facts of Nevada

7 facts about Area 51,
that you did not know yet

Stranded UFOs and secret government projects: The notorious Area 51 in the US state of Nevada has been fertile ground for wild conspiracy theories and mysterious events since the 1950s. Still, there are a number of facts that are not as popular.

1. "Secret" until recently

Although the existence of Area 51 has been known since the 1950s, the US government did not officially admit it until 2013. The US secret service CIA confirmed at the time that the US Air Force would use the restricted military area to try out new aircraft technologies.

2. A location for the moon landing

One persistent conspiracy theory assumes that the Americans' moon landing in 1969 was a fake - and is said to have been staged on the grounds of Area 51. Accordingly, NASA is said to have merely staged the landing in the desert and brainwashed the astronauts. To make the spectacle more believable, lunar meteroites from Antarctica were sold locally as lunar rocks.

3. And where is Area 50, please?

Nobody really knows why the restricted area is called Area 51. And where the other 50 areas are, assuming that areas are numbered consecutively. The most common theory is that it is not a consequence of numbering.

Rather, a high number has been deliberately chosen so that there is no overlap with the numbering grid of the American Commission for Atomic Energy. The area has also gone down in history under the names "Dreamland" and "Paradise Ranch", the airspace is referred to as "Resctricted Area 4808 North".

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4. By plane to work

Those who work in Area 51 are said to also benefit from an extraordinary commuter system. Every day a Boeing 737 is supposed to transport employees from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas to an unknown location and back again. It is believed that the plane is heading for other secret locations as well.

5. The best place for sightings

If you believe someone who claims to have worked in Area 51, the best place to spot regular UFO flights is a mailbox on the "Extraterrestrial Highway" called the "Black Mailbox". The hotspot is about 12 miles from Area 51 and is supposed to guarantee encounters of the unusual kind.

6. Employee protests

In the 1990s, Jonathan Turley, a lawyer and professor at George Washington University, was consulted by Area 51 workers who alleged they had been exposed to hazardous materials and trash that made them sick. The lawyer went public with the intent that the government would disclose what chemicals the employees have been exposed to so that they can receive appropriate medical treatment.

In fact, the lawyer prevailed and was able to show that the government had violated federal laws with this venture. Nevertheless, those responsible kept a cloak of silence about the materials that had been burned and refused to provide precise information to those affected.

7. Area 51 is growing

Area 51 is not a closed area. A comparison of the satellite images between 1984 and 2016 shows that the restricted military area has been significantly expanded and numerous new runways and hangars have been added. Insiders assume that new stealth bombers will be tested, but the truth is out there somewhere.

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