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Dragon Ball Z / Super - A comparison between Broly and Kale

In the latest Dragon Ball Super episode, Kale reached a level previously only reserved for Broly. But how does she fare otherwise compared to her great role model?

Dragon Ball Super (DBS) is currently in Universe survival arcin which a total of 80 fighters from eight universes will face each other in the tournament of power; the universe, whose warrior is still standing at the end, is spared from being extinguished by the two Zen-Ohs. The fear of their imminent extinction means that each participating universe is looking for the strongest fighters who will step into the ring for its survival. in the 6. Universe made the Saiyan Cabba at the command of the god of destruction Champa to find more Saiyans for the tournament. His choice caught on Cauliflawho has already mastered the Super Saiyan, but the hidden power of her protégé Kale should get you and Cabba in dire straits (you can find out more about the 93rd DBS episode here).

Kale's berserk form, which was already revealed in a short promo clip before the start of the new arc, is a more than obvious homage to the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, which first appeared in 8. Dragon Ball Z movie appeared and reappeared in the 10th DBZ film. Since we were able to see Kale in action for the first time, I would like to make a (preliminary) comparison between her and Broly. Their character as well as their strengths and abilities are compared with one another.

Broly (character):

If you'd just let me kill you all before, you wouldn't be dealing with this pain now. You're all a complete and utter waste of Saiyan blood.

When you see Broly for the first time in the 8th DBZ movie, he makes a relatively inconspicuous impression. His physical appearance is quite impressive, but he is usually very taciturn and reluctant; However, this should change in the presence of Kakarott / Son-Goku, because as it turns out in the course of the film, Broly feels a huge anger on our hero and connects with them repressed, traumatic memories. Its origins go back to the day she was born, because little Kakarott cried all the time, which Broly didn't like at all. Since Broly had a Combat strength of 10,000 owned (Son-Gokus was then 2), King Vegeta viewed him as a threat to his rule and ordered the immediate execution of the infant - the assassination succeeded, but Broly was supposed to recover from this attack. A little later Freezer destroyed the planet Vegeta, in the explosion of which almost all Saiyajin were killed; Broly and his father didn't. The bigger Broly got, the more powerful he became, but he couldn't control his mighty powers. His father let make an apparatus with which he could control his son's mind and soothe his son's mind. When Broly saw Kakarott again, however, that device became useless and Broly's true power was unleashed, but not only that, his true character emerged as well: after his transformation, Broly is cold-blooded and ruthless, its only targets are death as well as destruction.

Kale (character):

I'm just ... I'm just ... a pathetic Saiyan after all.

Virtually nothing is known about Kale's past, we only know that at some point she joined Caulifla's gang and looks up to her boss. Much like Broly, Kale is very initially reserved, shy. She prefers to stay in the background and watch what is happening from a safe distance. Physically she doesn't make a particularly impressive impression either, because she looks very delicate, almost fragile. In addition, she doesn't seem to like Cabba that much, because Kale grins every time Caulilfa puts him down. The apparently slowly developing friendship between Caulifla and Cabba is ultimately what triggers Kale's transformation into a Super Saiyan; Kale is jealous of Cabba and fears he and Caulifla might get together. After her transformation into her berserk form, Kale's character also changes suddenly, because now she is extreme bloodthirsty and confidentwhat Cabba in particular has to experience painfully.

In their normal forms, Broly and Kale are very similar, at least as long as Broly’s power is suppressed by his father’s apparatus. However, their true beings only emerge after they have been transformed, because both are then beyond measure self-confident, aggressive and brutal. However, it remains to be seen whether Kale will have some of these character traits in their basic form even after her first transformation.

Broly (powers and abilities):

Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan)
You, Kakarot! I choose you to be the first of my victims!

Like all other Saiyan, Broly has tremendous powers and even masters various levels of Super Saiyan transformation. Even as a normal Super Saiyan, when his true power was still being suppressed by his father's apparatus, Broly was powerful enough to bring an entire galaxy to rubble and ashes. Strictly speaking, Broly masters a total of three different levels of the Super Saiyan, but for the sake of simplicity we limit ourselves to its third form from this point on: The Legendary Super Saiyan. In Daizenshuu 6, this stage was listed as an independent Saiyan transformation, but until last weekend only Broly was able to achieve this form. How exactly a Saiyan can attain this level is not known, but I would simply speculate that this is a special, rare form that only special Saiyans can attain; it is a kind of natural, innate force. As a legendary Super Saiyan, his hair takes on a greenish color, the muscles grow to an enormous size, the body is enveloped in a green aura and Broly does not seem to have any weaknesses in this form (at first glance). When he releases his full energy in the legendary form, Broly changes slightly on the outside, because then his hair takes on a more golden color again, as is the case with a normal Super Saiyan. In contrast to Future Trunks, who reached a similar level (the Super Saiyan of the third degree), Broly does not lose any of his agility and speed, while his ki seems to keep increasing. In his legendary form, Broly is strong enough to easily take on three Super Saiyan and one Super Namek at the same time, without them being dangerous to him at all. Even a powerful ki attack like Goku's Kamehame-Ha cannot hurt Broly in this form.

Broly's immense strength could also be interpreted as a weakness, because his strength seems so enormous that it seems to strain his body enormously - for example, he says in his first film that his energy would be "run over". The ki seems to rise almost explosively and to have to leave his body, which is noticeable in a wave of ki projectiles, which fly from his body in all directions. These "discharges" seem to put an enormous strain on his body, because at least for a short time Broly seems out of breath.

In addition to his tremendous physical strength, Broly also uses ki projectiles in combat; these attacks are so strong that even a small sphere of its energy is enough to wipe out an entire planet. What is striking here is the color of his ki bullets, because like his hair and his aura, these are green. The way his energy manifests in his hands is also very special, because his energy seems to turn the surrounding area green and eventually soak this color into the projectiles in his hand. Broly can also survive in space; he survived the destruction of his home planet, for example, because he instinctively erected an energy shield around himself and his father, which protected both.

Kale (powers and abilities):

Cabba. You'll be the first blood sacrifice!

Like Broly, Kale also has the ability to transform into a "normal" Super Saiyan, although we haven't seen this in the anime (yet). A scan shows Kale in her Super Saiyan form, which deviates from the transformation we are familiar with: her hair is also green and stands on end; in addition, their muscles grow noticeably. But now to her special transformation, which we could see in action for the first time in the latest DBS episode: This transformation does not yet have a name in the anime and is therefore not referred to as the Legendary Super Saiyan - quite apart from the fact that we do not even know whether there is such a legend also in the 6th universe - but in a preview it was called "berserk shape", which is why I will simply stick to this name; of course, the parallels to Broly as a Legendary Super Saiyan are more than obvious. When Kale turns into a berserk, her body grows tremendously, her muscles get bigger, her pupils disappear, her hair turns green, and her body is enveloped in a green aura. In contrast to Broly, with Kale lightning flashes around her body in this form. Her physical strength in this form is enormous, which becomes evident when she flings Cabba with ease into a rock; even as a Super Saiyan, Cabba Kale has not grown in strength or speed; the enormous muscle mass does not seem to affect them in any way. However, when you consider the ease with which Caulifla fends off one of Kale's ki bullets, Kale in her berserk form does not seem to quite reach the strength of a double super Saiyan.

However, Kale not only beats Cabba, but also uses various ki attacks to kill her opponent. The way these projectiles are formed is very reminiscent of Broly, because like his Ki structures, Kales are green and green light rays also run towards these balls. But she can not only fire such energy projectiles from her hands, Kale is also able to concentrate her energy in her chest and fire it at an opponent from there. The attacks with such ki projectiles cause gigantic damage and are powerful enough to kill a Super Saiyan. As with Broly, with Kale her ki seems to keep increasing and then has to discharge, because she also says her energy would be "run over"; Whether this will take her breath away for a short time can currently only be speculated.

Since we have only seen Kale fight in this form once so far, it is difficult to assess the limit of her strength. Broly was about on par with Cell in perfect form when he first appeared, possibly even a little stronger; against a double Super Saiyan, however, even the legendary Super Saiyan should not have had a chance. On Broly's second appearance, Broly was likely to have been much stronger, most likely more powerful than a "normal" double Super Saiyan. I would see Kale at about the same level as Broly in the 8th DBZ movie, so much stronger than normal Super Saiyan, but weaker than a double Super Saiyan. Since with Kale, unlike Broly, her body was enveloped by lightning during her transformation, which often suggests a particularly powerful ki in Saiyajin, her potential could even surpass that of her role model. As is well known, Saiyans grow with their tasks, which is why Kale should certainly become significantly stronger in the tournament itself.

A (preliminary) conclusion:

The parallels between Broly and Kale are more than obvious; The current DBS episode in particular is overflowing with references to the two film appearances of the legendary Super Saiyan: Kale uses the same techniques, says the same things, shows the same nature as her great role model. Even some camera settings and animations seem almost 1: 1 taken from the films. The similarities don't stop there, of course, because Kale looks (almost) exactly like Broly; We will probably never see the "real" Legendary Super Saiyan in the main continuity of the Dragon Ball saga, but with Kale we get an equivalent replacement, at least in terms of looks, character, strength and techniques. Even if I don't rate Kale as strongly as Broly, I believe that she still has great potential and will be able to outperform Broly.

What do you think of Kale and how strong do you rate her?