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Typical English food: 6 popular British dishes

The British don't eat much differently than the Germans, of course, but there are some typical habits and dishes.

Full English Breakfast

The day in England starts with a typical English breakfast. This consists of fried bacon and sausages, fried and scrambled eggs, tomatoes, beans and mushrooms. A slice of white or brown bread and usually a black tea with milk. The English breakfast is not for all tastes and is not always easy to digest.

fish and chips

Fish (mostly with soft meat like cod, saithe and haddock) and french fries is a popular fast food dish in Great Britain and every tourist should order “fish-‘n‘-chips”. Compared to the German version, the fries are thicker and a lot softer, and mostly seasoned with vinegar.

Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding

Roast beef is fried until it is pink so that it remains tender and juicy. Together with Yorkshire pudding - a pastry made from flour, milk, oil and eggs, it is a traditional dish in British cuisine.

chicken tikka masala

Since Great Britain is a country where many cultures meet, this Indian dish - consisting of chicken with curry and tomato sauce - has also made a name for itself.

5 o'clock tea

“5pm - teatime” is the motto in many British houses. Tea drinking is a British tradition that can be traced back to the 17th century. At that time, tea was still an expensive commodity and only the wealthy could afford such a luxury. Traditionally, yeast pastries are eaten with black tea (mostly Earl Gray) - so-called "tea bread".


Pies are also very popular with the British - they come in both savory (such as “pork pie” and “kidney pie”) and sweet (“apple pie” or “blackberry pie”) form.

Of course, the British also eat dishes from other countries; who can do without pizza and pasta, tzatziki and suflaki, fried noodles and other delicacies? There are also regional specialties in the different regions of Great Britain (Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland), such as Chester cheese made from cow's milk. And did you know that Worcestershire sauce is actually pronounced “Wuster sauce” and that it comes from a region in the west of England?

If you want to learn more about the culture, then you should also check out the UK electoral system and top sights in the UK.

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