Do you think dreams are from God?


... because you are unique

Take care of you.
Understand your weaknesses, only then can you work with them and turn them into strengths.

Nobody is like you.
Nobody has your fingerprints. Nobody has your voice. Nobody believes like you. Nobody has your story. Nobody feels the same sadness, the same happiness as you.

And don't forget to dream
to imagine a world in which love has more space, in which hope does not end and peace is the very deep longing of all people.
Believe that your dreams can come true.

We need you for who you are.
Do you believe in your uniqueness and do you pursue what you really feel in yourself?
Do you have the energy to assert yourself without crushing others?
Do you feel comfortable when you are with yourself?
Do you stand the quirks of others?
Do you tolerate their very own view of things?

Stay with you, with your beauty and severity,
with your freedom and your limits.
We need you for who you are.
According to U. Schaffer "... because you are unique"
Ernst Kaufmann publisher

Most people die as a copy
while they were born as originals.

Be yourself.
God wanted you, you in the original. He gave you your skills, your looks.

Be yourself.
Find your own way. Don't adjust in any way because it's more convenient.

Be yourself.
Don't say anything, don't believe anything, don't do anything just to please others if your conscience is against it.

Be yourself
and you have taken the first step into a full life.

... because you love

Because you love, you care about what happens to this planet. You are not indifferent, you do not withdraw, you are committed: you feel closely connected to the future of the world. Because you love, you are on the side of life. And that means for you on the side of plants, animals and people. Your vision for the preservation of the world drives you forward and makes you inventive.

Because you love, you take your life in your hand and do not wait for others to be saved. You strive to become more real yourself. You also think of yourself, you discover yourself, you hear your deep desires, you no longer neglect yourself.

To love is always a risk, because then you no longer live by the superficial rules of the game of society. You stand out.
Because you love, many will find you unrealistic. It may be that they smile at you and tell you that your view of the world cannot be realized.
Will you let yourself be dissuaded from your convictions and your plans? Will your efforts seem ridiculous to you? Will you be ashamed of your love

What we love is changed. The frog becomes a prince, the inconspicuous becomes something important. A new life arises from what has been given up. But most of all we transform ourselves when we love.
According to U. Schaffer "... because you love"
Ernst Kaufmann publisher

Man does not only live from love,
which is given to him
but of love
that he gives.

The way of the heart
Nobody has access to the secret of man, only the heart.
There is only one way to be with others, the way of the heart.
All other ways are detours.

What does not come from the heart will not reach another heart.
You think with your heart more than with your mind.
You see people and things with your heart.
Your relationship to your surroundings: it is up to your heart.
What your heart likes, you stand up for it.
Ideas, worldview, politics, culture:
Your heart chooses what to fight for.
The heart brightens the mind, or it makes it dark.
The right measure of the heart is called: LOVE.

... because you want to be real

You are haunted by the desire to be real, to stop acting artificially, to stop thinking about your effect. You don't want yourself anymore, you hide for fear of not being understood or of being hurt. You don't want to say more words that you don't mean and you no longer want to put on a face that tenses you up. You no longer want the disguises, the masks and the drama. You want to be yourself, completely relaxed, a person among people. And you wonder if there is room for you in the world, for you as you are.

Just because you want to be real, you discover unimagined pages on you. There is something quietly shining that is only visible to the deliberate. There is also something dark. You are more complex, amazingly different and much more than you thought. Only when you are real do you ultimately have peace with yourself.

Because you want to be real, you need Time and silence to you. Authenticity does not come from hurrying and chasing. You need hours of questioning and searching: what do you want and what do not? You need silence to perceive your deep desires and to pursue them.

Because you want to be real, you are accused of being Thinking only of yourself and one does not understand that we can understand one another only to the extent that we understand ourselves.

Because you want to be real you notice any inauthenticity more strongly. You are more alert to the artificial, to the small illusions. You see through the empty words, recognize your own grimace and hear the exaggerated laughter behind which a person hides his disappointment. Then when you imagine what it could be like if we were all real and could look each other in the eye, then you suffer from the fact that we are so far from it. But isn't it a goal worth living for?

If you want to be real you have to learn "No" to say to what is choking you. Then you will find what is yours and blossom in it.

Because you are real, you act attractive. With you one knows where one is at. What you say, you mean. What you believe, you live. If you are silent, it is not a trick with which you want to achieve something.

You seem liberating.

According to U. Schaffer "because you want to be real"

Ernst Kaufmann publisher

Your life is waiting for you
it wants to be lived by YOU.

If you wanna be real
do you need time for yourself.
Authenticity does not arise
in the hunt and the hunt.

If you wanna be real
do you need hours of self-examination
of asking and searching:
what do you want and what not?
You need days
that belong only to you!

... because you decide your life

You, not some incredible force decide your fate. You determine a lot of what happens to you and you have the choice of how you want to see something. You are responsible for your happiness and it doesn't help you to blame others for your unhappiness.
You are surrounded by institutions and systems that all think they know what you need. They make you offers and emphasize how good it would be if you believed them. Advertising promises you true happiness and scientists improve your quality of life ... For every problem there are technicians and doctors, politicians and do-gooders who claim they have your happiness in mind.

It is important that you want something, that you believe something with all your heart, that you choose how you want to live, and that you hear your inner voice and trust it.
You are yours Your time is yours. You have your talents. You can be aware of what you own or you can let your life run through your hands. It's your decision.
To decide means to wake up, and to wake up means to decide.
Be you where you are. Every day is unique and there is something to be gained from every event. Create a home within yourself so that you like to be with yourself and feel comfortable with yourself.

You lack confidence because you are always comparing yourself. You hope you come across as her, as convincing and impressive. With that you are no longer you and let the others determine your values. You follow opinions that are not yours. You let patrons decide for you and gossipers speak for you, you let others rule over you as if your life wasn't your life. If you are not careful, you will soon no longer know who you really are. You have to remember that you are unique and come back to yourself.
With every decision comes responsibility. Because we fear responsibility, we flee from decisions. Every decision we make helps our personality to grow a little bit. Even when we make mistakes, we mature in our determination.
You have your own view of the world. Are you taking them seriously You have ideas and dreams. What are you doing to fulfill them?
You also decide who you will be in the future. To do this, you have to take care of yourself, you have to look for yourself. Take your time for it! If you just hunt, you won't hear yourself.
Take courage and take yourself seriously. The more you get to know yourself, the more it becomes clear to you what you want.
If you are not with yourself and choose yourself, others will not be able to find out who you are. They'll assume their opinion is yours too because you don't say yours. They will expect you to join in, laugh with them, vote with them. They will treat you the way you treat yourself. But if you appreciate yourself, if you take your inner life seriously, if you listen to yourself and don't let everything be done to you, then others will learn to respect, honor and love you. It starts with you.

According to U. Schaffer "... because you decide your life"
Ernst Kaufmann publisher

Freedom consists in
that you can do anything
what does no harm to another.
Matthias Claudius

I have a choice

I have the choice - to do or not to ...
I have a choice - to achieve my goals ...
I have the choice - to say "yes" or "no" ...
I have a choice - to thank life for its gifts ...
I have the choice - to go forwards or backwards ...
I have a choice - to see myself for who I am ...
I have a choice - to be how I feel ...
I have a choice - do what I want ...
I have a choice - to reach for the stars ...
I have a choice - to mature on my experience ...
I have a choice - to decide for or against ...
I have a choice - to go or to stay ...
I have a choice - to confront or to avoid ...
I have a choice - to suffer myself ...
I have a choice ...

because you know dark moments

When things and actions become pointless, when you do a lot without conviction, when you are alone in the fog, then you have the feeling of dying of thirst, of drowning, of suffocating, of getting lost. This reality also has to be endured. In this darkness we go deeper and learn more about ourselves.
Dark moments in love
You think you can no longer love because the feeling that you trusted has left you. You feel lost You think aggressively. Darkness can be a great teacher too. We can no longer see, but we are opened to new insights.
You got hurt
A person has inflicted a wound on you. Glossing things up doesn't help, not even explaining and apologizing. The pain remains pain, and disappointment is indispensable. You could strike back. It would be understandable. But could it be that without a wound, without consternation and without dismay, you would learn nothing and continue to live unchanged?
Dark moments in your self-esteem
You don't like yourself anymore, you are disappointed in yourself. You could give yourself up now and be against yourself. You could feel sorry for yourself and get miserable. This is your chance to work on yourself and actually make a difference in yourself. Even your decision to move forward has brightness in it.
The dark moments decide your character. Light a light in your darkness with your being, with your gifts, with your hope and with your love.
There is also the darkness because of your own mistakes or the dark moments when you lose your strength. Even when you think about your future, it can get dark. Maybe you see blocked paths, closed doors, impossibilities.
But in the dark moments there are options that otherwise do not exist. Perhaps what we call dark is a form of light that we lack.
Dark moments in your faith
God is different from what you thought. When you need him, he doesn't seem to be there for you. Couldn't it be time to give up your children's ideas about God and seek him anew?
Because you know dark times, you can no longer take anything for granted. Every moment is precious and every happiness is a piece of heaven. It is the knowledge that life consists of light and dark, from above and below, from now and eternal, from alone and as a couple, from inside and outside. These opposites belong together and one is just the backside of the other. They form the rhythm in which everything unfolds.
According to U. Schaffer "because you know dark moments"
Ernst Kaufmann publisher
Turn your face to the sun
then the shadows fall behind you
(from Africa)

   Don't say no
to the events
who thwart your plans;
the your original dreams
burst like soap bubbles;
your life path
give an unexpected direction.
maybe these are
surprising twists
not as random as you think.

Maybe there is one
who has something in store for you
what you before
could not have imagined.
Dare the new
be willing to experiment,
take the risk
and grant God freedom
to thwart your life.
(from: Bruno Griemens, Online to heaven. Prayers for young people, Butzon & Bercker 2004, p. 23)

Do you sometimes hear the secret voice that whispers to you that you don't belong, that tries to separate you, that emphasizes your otherness? Everyone hears it in himself.
Perhaps your role in your environment seems very small to you or so large and important that it scares you.
Even so, there is nothing more important to you than taking the place you have. Because you belong to it: to your family, to your religious community, to your country, to your place of residence.
Even where you feel like an outsider, you belong because you see things differently from a distance, and that is where your contribution lies. Without you, something would be missing.
You belong, even if you don't always mean that. You yourself are your gift to the world. And you will understand that when you realize how unique you are. Then you will learn to understand yourself better and begin to feel how much you belong to the others.
For example, you are one of them when it comes to saving the planet. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution - you cannot be mutually exclusive. You too are involved in the destruction and preservation. Whether you have influence or not, whether you are informed or not, whether young or old, you belong and your life matters. And that is why the suffering of your fellow creatures concerns you, the exploitation, the senselessness, the waste, the life at the expense of the poor, the broken relationships, the listlessness.
The togetherness also includes the challenge that you ask yourself to live more creatively and attentively, to act more in solidarity. What you do affects others. Feel responsible, think along, be awake and affected by the conditions of the world. School your eyes and ears.
Just as you belong, so do the others. Don't exclude, but include. Do not despise, but understand.
Understand that you are always a piece of a model, a measure for others: how you act, others will act too. If you love, others will dare to love. If you are not indifferent, others will live more vigilantly. Even if you cannot talk like some, if you are more reserved or shy, then you are a valuable part of the whole.
Not only do you belong to the world, but the world also belongs to you. In you you carry everything that you have encountered, that you have seen and heard. The people, the landscapes, the things ... provide you with images, they are part of your dreams, they have shaped you.
Nothing goes by without a trace. You are inextricably linked with life.
Because each of us is different, believes differently, loves differently, hopes differently, has fear differently, that's exactly why we belong together. The colorful mosaic of humanity and the earth emerges from your and my otherness. What we do not understand turns the world into an adventure for us. We can learn new things. What divides us can fascinate us, and what excites us can also stimulate us.
Each and every one of us has its own center and is also connected to all others.Perhaps we will be able to stay true to ourselves and still find each other. We will learn to live fulfilled individually and together.
U. Schaffer
"Because you belong",
Ernst Kaufmann publisher

You should never watch, you should be a witness and participate and take responsibility.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Live with others

Life is living with others!
Living with others means:
I share with them
I take it
I acknowledge you
I love her.

I can only develop through them
the others.
I don't just need her
because they mean so much to me.
I need them too
because I can do so much for her.

I have eyes to discover the others;
Ears to hear them;
Feet to go to them;
Hands to give them to them
and a heart to love her.

"Do not be afraid, I called you by your name"

We can read this sentence, which gives people courage, in the Hebrew Testament, i.e. in the Jewish Bible (Isa. 43: 1).


The prophet trusts in a God who means well with him. Because this God is also the creator of mankind, and that is why everyone is firmly connected to him deep down.
What is being said here is part of the basic message of the Bible:
God is turned towards us, his concern is our salvation. He wants the best for us. The Bible also says of this God that he calls us, very personally, “by name”. Everyone is called by him.

"The name is smoke and mirrors," says a saying. "Our name is nothing special, does not contain anything personal." "The name is a pure designation such as table, apple, pear, hammer, cupboard"
My inner being defends itself against these statements. I want more!!
Everyone has the need to be more than a random cog in an unmanageable machine; he wants to be taken seriously as a distinctive person.

How often do I find out that it is important for me to be addressed by the first name.
I am happy when adults or former teachers remember my name.

I think we can all agree on one point: my first name is very important.
Especially at a time when young people primarily call each other by their surname or nickname, it has become important for us to mention the meaning of the first name, to focus on the uniqueness of each one

If we now mention the religious aspect, then our first name, our personality gets an even deeper dimension.

"You called me by name".
Someone here is calling! It is God himself who calls!
The name of God, God himself, is deeply connected to our heart, to our deepest core. He is our origin and our goal. For me personally it is an incredible gesture that God, as reported in the Hebrew Testament, introduced himself to Moses with his name, JAHWE.
Yahweh means: “I am”, “I am who I am”, “I am there for you!”, “I will be there for you!”. Here it becomes clear that there is a close connection between us and God.

That God speaks to us is a deep conviction of the Jewish and Christian faith. Already on the first page of the Bible, which tells of the creation of the world, it says: "God said: Let there be light."
The Evangelist John later takes up this aspect and begins his Gospel with the sentence: "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God." (Jn 1,1)
Abraham hears the voice of God and sets off. (Gen 12: 1-9)
Moses is addressed by God from the burning bush. (Ex 3.1-4.17)
Elijah hears the voice of God in the rustling of the wind. (1 Kings 19:12)
There are so many examples in the First Testament and also in the Second Testament, and God continues to speak to us humans. The word that comes from God and that is God is waiting for an answer.

Love gives names

Love gives names.
This applies to the beginning of our life
when parents are in the joy of their child
give us a first name.

Love gives names
when we are baptized the name of the
philanthropic God
get among us,
if we can call ourselves Christians.

Love gives names
when we are in the scriptures of our faith
the glorious word of God
to find each and every one of us personally:
I called you by a name
you are mine

Love gives names
when lovers in the exuberance of their hearts
inventing lots of new names
and often very unfamiliar names
give to personal affection.

Love gives names.
This is also evident in the hideous systems of our world.
When people are crammed into large camps
and their liberty is stolen from them, their names are first taken from them
and assign them a number.
The unique and personal
will be extinguished.

Love gives names.
As Mary from Magdala on Easter morning
saw the empty grave
and then spoke to the supposed gardener,
she didn't recognize anything
not even Jesus.
But as the risen one
you very personally
greets with her name,
she knows everything
and is forever called into the Easter light.
The name was her key.
So everyone has
a name of love
a nickname of affection.

Love gives names.
Rejoice that your names
are recorded in heaven.
So it is in the Gospel of Luke.
The name of love and the names of
Warm affection also applies
for the life of eternity.

The naming means task and opportunity at the same time. Realizing them is the way of a lifetime:
What is the meaning of my life?
What should I do with my life?

My name and I are inseparable. This becomes clear, for example, in the statement: “This is what I stand for; I guarantee with my name ”. It is therefore no coincidence that we value our name in encounters and living together. When I hear my name, when I am called by my name, then I am meant. Nobody else.

Because you are called by your name, you are challenged:
* to be unique
* love
* to be real
* to decide your life
* Live your dark moments
* to belong to.

To get in the mood for the theme of the year, some impulses from the mass celebration at the beginning of the year:

God, I ask myself: do you know me? And when you call me by name, do you mean me? God, so often I have doubts about you and that you mean me, that you mean well with me.
But you keep talking to me:
Do not be afraid because I have called you by your name.

Lord, there are moments in my life when I don't know myself anymore, because the anger gets away with me. Or I pretend to be someone I am not at all. I don't stand by myself and my name.
But you keep talking to me:
Do not be afraid because I have called you by your name.

God sometimes I don't know where I belong Suddenly the security of the family can no longer be felt, the climate in the school or in the clique is poisoned because we did not call each other by name. We hurt each other by shouting “nicknames”, insulting names.
But you keep talking to me:
Do not be afraid because I have called you by name.

Name day (Elmar Gruber)

To be called
My name,-
this is me.

Who calls me by name
means me, -
me as i am.

When you call my name
are you calling me
I am called.
When you call me
am I completely "beside myself"
and entirely with you.
We are one,
when my name sounds
in your voice

The name,
in which you come to me
does not come from me.
You gave it to me;
my name
comes from your name
which is above all names.

Let me hear my name
so that I don't see myself
want to make a name
that no one can call.

Only you,
you know my name
You know about me
and know me better
than myself

I am no longer afraid
because you called me
by my name
by your name.


Good God, you call us by our name. You know us all, we are the most important. In many stories in the Bible we are witnessed that the lives of people are important to you and that you are constantly striving to lead people to fellowship with them and to fellowship with one another. Help us, too, to trust it more and more. And help us to deal with one another honestly, genuinely and with respect. Help us to call each other by name and not to hurt and offend.