How do I stop doubting my boyfriend

Do you have doubts about your relationship?

Cynthia Cinnamon described what I think was pretty good. If you're annoyed, that's okay. My boyfriend and I have very different sex needs at times and if, for example, after the 3rd time in a day he still doesn't have enough, then I'm also annoyed. As a very stupid example. But then I'm just annoyed and don't philosophize around whether it's bad to be annoyed.
And sometimes I'm also annoyed with myself and not exactly the nicest person with the best mood, but then I don't think about whether that means something ...

I think if you struggle with yourself and have to "prove" yourself in your head that everything is okay, as I have already described, then something is wrong. I had this with my ex-boyfriend for over a year, and I think I really believed that everything was okay and that I wanted to grow old with him. But I was so at odds that at some point I actually started crying because of the doubts. And if everything is okay, you don't. And then you don't worry about it all the time. For me, the crying etc. only came after many months, because at the beginning it was more of a "small feeling".

With my boyfriend now, something bothers me and I sometimes find other people attractive or interesting (doesn't happen often, but still) and of course I reflect on the relationship, but I don't doubt. And I don't worry about whether that “being annoyed” or everything else means something. And I think that's the crucial point.

But here you can write as much as you want. It can be that you are really a person who thinks a lot and who is in a bad phase, but it can also be that you are currently in a process in which you realize that he is not the right person and don't want that to be true. But no matter which direction it goes, I think you always know yourself.