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Fat gone 04/16/2019

Fortunately, the fat removal with ice works, the procedure is called coolsculpting or in medical terminology cryolipolysis. It sounds almost too good to be believed: You don't need an excruciating exercise program or an ascetic diet. Nevertheless, the ice cream melts the annoying bacon rolls away permanently in a simple way. We tried it and we are thrilled!

Many of us know it and have it - stubborn fat cells that are diet and exercise resistant.

Why fat away with ice?

Many women and men complain about unsightly body fat. On some parts of the body there are several places that you may be very unhappy about and that you cannot get under control even with the healthiest diet and extreme exercise. This could be the thighs or the buttocks, for example. If you torment yourself with a diet & exercise program, you will definitely lose weight, but not in these areas. The thought of cosmetic surgery arises, but who likes to go under the knife? For such cases, professors from Harvard University have developed Coolsculpting: The so-called cryolipolysis process permanently reduces fat deposits without an operation and thus without scars or professional downtime.

The coolsculpting technique leads to the degradation of the fat cells through controlled cooling of the fat cells in the desired places.

How does cryolipolysis work?

The surgical knives and cannulas for liposuction are superfluous here: cold is used. The problem areas concerned are sucked into a vacuum bell. There they are gradually cooled down to a precisely defined, very low temperature using cooling modules. At this temperature, fat cells die, while the surrounding tissue and skin remain completely undamaged. There are now not only countless practical successes to report on this process, but also extensive scientific studies by American scientists. These certify the harmlessness of the “fat off with ice” method.

The fat cells “die” and are naturally removed by the lymph in the next 4-6 weeks.

The process of cool sculpting

Before there is an appointment for a treatment, a comprehensive informative discussion is held. The specific treatment takes between 35 and 75 minutes per problem area, depending on the area. A protective fleece is placed on the treatment zones, after which the doctor applies the cool sculpting device directly to the fat pads and switches on the vacuum pump. If the attachment has sucked in properly, it is cooled. You will notice little of this except for a pull and a cool feeling. After cooling, the vacuum and the attachment are removed and the cooled tissue is vigorously massaged at this point. Few bruises may initially appear as a minor side effect, but will go away after a few days. The fat-away effect is visible from the fourth to sixth week after the treatment.

The effect of cool sculpting is long-term and the treated or dead fat cells never come back.

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