Was Kid Rocks racist

This is how Kid Rock explains his drunken rant

How drunk do you have to be when you fly off the stage in your own bar? Kid Rock showed it - and is now trying to row back.
On Friday his own employees dragged the drunk singer and ex-husband of Pamela Anderson off the stage of his "Honky Tonk Bar" in Nashville, Tennessee.

"F *** Oprah"

His staff was probably trying to prevent trouble. But they were too slow for that. "F *** Oprah," he yelled at his audience. "Oprah Winfrey is like, 'Hey, I just want women to believe in this s ** t'", the 48-year-old etched against the legendary talk show host and then went very quickly, very late: "F *** her , she can suck d *** sideways. "

Comment now Then he rambled on, trying to explain that he was not a racist. His "proof": that he scolded others too, not just Oprah.

His own bouncer picked him up from the stage

Of course, several people thought about the derailment with their cell phones, and shortly afterwards the media knew it too. His own guests booed Kid Rock from the stage. The doorman finally removed it.

Kid Rock's "attempt to explain" on Twitter only made things worse. Because this time, 650,000 followers saw how stupid he was acting.

"Explanation" doesn't make it any better

"My people tried to get me to appear on Oprah Winfrey's show years ago. Their people wanted me to write down five reasons why I love them and their show. I just said 'f *** that and her' . End of the story." Only Kid Rock understands why the rainbow flag should show that he is not a racist.

The singer, who hasn't had a hit in years, is slaughtered on the Internet. Oprah is cult in the US and has an immense following. The fact that Kid Rock's statements are also interpreted as racist only makes the situation worse.

Shitstorm from Oprah fans

Since then, Kid Rock has been insulted and pulled through the cocoa:

His divorce from Pamela Anderson proves that Kid Rock often has brain dropouts. It wasn't until years later that Pam revealed the reason. It was the film "Borat" that she was involved in. You can find the whole crazy explanation at the top of the video.

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