Communists recite the promise of loyalty

The nation should remain united under God

The US government goes to the Supreme Court to secure religious anchorage in the Pledge of Alliance, which schoolchildren have to recite every morning at the start of class

The US is threatened. This is how the US government seems to understand it. In the midst of the war against international terrorism and the rogue states, which "God's own country" is waging for the world and as the leading power of good states commissioned by God, a new danger has arisen from within on the home front. A Californian appeals court had ruled on the basis of a father's lawsuit that the addition "under God" to the pledge of allegiance was unconstitutional because of the separation of church and state and therefore should not be recited in California schools during the everyday national conspiracy. But the US government, represented above all by President Bush and Attorney General Ashcroft, does not want to accept that, which is why they are now going to the Supreme Court.

The children in the public elementary schools of half of the US states are sworn in the US with the Pledge of Allegiance on the fatherland and of course the indispensable national flag, which must not be missing anywhere and therefore also in the classroom. The flag that represents the nation and that has been especially popular since 9/11. has gained a new and omnipresent reputation, the oath of loyalty is made:

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
And to the Republic for which it stands
One nation, under God, indivisible
With liberty and justice for all. "

But that now the one nation should no longer be indivisibly united under God, that simply cannot be (The instructive story of the Pledge of Allegiance). The Supreme Court had previously ruled that students whose parents do not want them to swear allegiance should not be forced to do so. So you can listen while the others say "One nation, under God".

The "patriotic retreats" required by the individual states, to which the students of state schools in California must also undergo, can be redeemed by reciting the oath of allegiance to the flag and thus to the nation. The lawsuit of the atheist father from California was about the fact that being forced to listen to the daily performance in public schools also violated the constitution, which calls for a separation of religion and state. If the state stipulates the Pledge of Allegiance for the schools, then it expresses the promotion of a religion by the state. The appellate court also agreed: "The coercion emanating from politics is particularly emphasized in the context of the school, if one proceeds from the age and the impressionability of the guilty children and their understanding. That they comply with the standards set by their school, their teacher and their classmates are given to obey. "

The phrase "under God" only came into the oath of allegiance during the Cold War, in order to swear the Americans against the wicked at the time, the godless, materialistic communists. Since then, "In God We Trust" has also been printed on dollar bills. However, the Pledge of Alliance was not officially introduced in the USA until 1942 during World War II - but still without God. Even more important is the derivation of politics from God and thus the state of God, if one believes that one is on the crusade against evil, which resides primarily in the minds of misguided religious fundamentalists, who in turn derive their politics directly from religion. According to the neoconservatives, the "melting pot" USA should remain capitalist, white, English-speaking and Christian-oriented, which also means not only going to church on Sunday and reading the Bible every day, but also advocating marriage, premarital sex and contraceptives to frown upon and also to reject deviating sexual orientations.

Justice Minister Ashcroft, who also likes to sing a religious song in the ministry, said in support of the objection: "Our religious heritage has been for centuries in the national motto ('In God we trust'), in the national anthem, in the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg address Recognized and Celebrated. As the Court has ruled time and again, our government and the people can recognize the important role religion played in the founding, history, and nature of America. " The Justice Department will work hard to defend the national heritage and the ability for children to recite the oath of allegiance.

The pending proceedings are not only about whether the freedom of opinion and religion of the first amendment to the constitution is violated by the inclusion of "under God", but also whether a father who is not a legal guardian and who is not married to the mother of the child could have some impact on the child's education that the mother chose.

According to Theodore Olson, the attorney general, "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance is not an anti-constitutional state promotion of religion. The Supreme Court's precedents have shown that the Constitution does not prohibit the government from "officially recognizing the religious heritage, establishment and character of this nation". That is what the oath of loyalty does, which is why it is also constitutional. And moreover, if in some parts of the nation God should not be mentioned in the oath of allegiance, but in others it is, the unity of the nation will fall apart:

"The oath of allegiance cannot serve its purpose of uniting and celebrating national identity together unless it is a vow with the same content for all citizens at all times of their lives. There is no need for such a disturbance in the schools of this nation and to tolerate disharmony. "

(Florian Rötzer)

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