What is a good topic for an AP seminar

The educational offer of the IAG

Every year we offer a large selection of seminars for different target groups. In addition, new seminars are constantly being developed on current topics. Our lecturers guarantee practical and adult-oriented educational work. Your advantage: The results of our corporate research and consulting projects flow directly into our seminar work. In this way, we ensure that our seminar content is up-to-date and practicable. National and international specialist conferences and workshops complement our educational offer.

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Educational offer for prevention experts from the accident insurance institutions
With us you can complete the training to become a supervisor according to SGB VII. In addition, we offer numerous advanced training seminars for supervisors and other prevention specialists from employers' liability insurance associations and accident insurance companies.
Specialist for occupational safety
The occupational safety specialist (Sifa) plays an important role in occupational health and safety. According to the law on company doctors, safety engineers and other specialists for occupational safety (ASiG), the central task of the specialist for occupational safety is to support and advise the employer on all questions of safety and health at work, including the humane organization of work.
Specialized topics of prevention
We offer in-house specialists in occupational safety but also specialists a wide range of options from work design to the cost-effectiveness of occupational safety measures in the company. We can also train you to become a representative, such as a fire protection or hazardous substances officer.
Educational offer for trainers and lecturers in occupational health and safety
We offer a complete trainer training for everyone who does educational work at employers' liability insurance associations, accident insurance companies, but also in companies. However, all seminars in the trainer program can also be booked individually.
Educational offer for company doctors and occupational medical assistants
With us you will find a wide range of advanced training courses on occupational health issues in company medical practice.
International seminars - good work worldwide
As part of the “Vision Zero Fund” of the G7, the IAG offers tailor-made international training courses to improve working conditions around the world, enforce higher safety standards and create decent work in global supply chains.