Why did myspace and hi5 fail


I used to have over 100 online presences with over 20 Facebook pages (12 pages, 9 groups, 3 profiles), 10 blogger blogs, 2 Wordpress blogs, 2 Google sites, 2 websites and of course social media from Twitter and Tumblr via Google+ and LinkedIn to Hi5 and Myspace. In 2013 I stopped counting and really hit the gas. I like to try out new things and learn something new. This is important for my job and for me as a person. In this way I can combine competence with creativity and imagination with fun, offer something to customers and entertain people.

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English ...


You want your English to improve and other humans help?


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Klobasse ...


The clunkiest side of all time, because anything other than clunk doesn't come in the bag anyway.


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I ...

Let's ask: is it even possible not to admire him?


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Thingbums ...


Originally planned as a worldwide fast food chain, this site has developed into the safest tasting thing in the western hemisphere.


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Online toilet ...

The world's first online toilet where you can get rid of all your shit.


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Stop ...

Chuck Norris didn't make it and Vin Diesel even lost his hair while trying.


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Government ...

A top-level government official chats about state secrets, creates love tests, and gives tear-open tips.


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DÖP ...


DÖP is Austria's first fictional party and probably the most duped in the world.


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Dali travel ...


The hottest locations and trouble spots, personal non-service and a vacation type test for every type of vacation test.


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Joujou ...


He will be have come from future to save the present past and his speech kills to better.


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Moujou ...

The world's most secret agent on the hunt for something, even if it leads him to the ass in the world.


Click on the picture, read through everything and recognize connections where there are none.

Dali's ...


Here taste has a name and enjoyment has a face.


Click on the picture, turn up the music and study the menu in peace.


Mangatanga ...


Just an attempt to try something that sounds and is like a story with no meaning.


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Oh really ...


Beautiful pics of pigs and of ducks and of other nonsense.


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If you want to know everything ...

I'm a gamer and mostly play FPS, especially Unreal Tournament (99, 2004/5, UT3 - where I belonged to the top 1 percent of the best players in the world - and of course UT4).

I love chess and I am an avid pianist. For years I gave and moderated concerts and composed over 50 songs. It was just a hobby, but it's still my life. My father is considered the Czech guitar composer of the 20th century, my brother is a successful musician with over 1,400 performances all over the world. I myself love Chopin's Revolutionary Etude, Beethoven's Pathetique, Asturias by Albeniz and now and then one or two improvisations that arise on the piano.

In addition, I am something of a hobby cook, food separator and schnapps connoisseur. I'm also very fond of drawing and interested in history and politics, religion and science, etymology and epistemology, art and culture and a bunch of other things.

I love challenges, learning and teaching, working on yourself, developing yourself and being there for others.

Motto? Wisdom? Principle?

Live life to the fullest: be truthful, be faithfull, enlighten and entertain.