Which artist sings the song Red Lights

Glockenbach and ClockClock with the single "Redlight"

After their hit "Dancing In The Dirt" in 2020, the music group Glockenbach is back with another single. Together with ClockClock they recorded the song "Redlight".

It is still unknown who is behind the Glockenbach music collective. But the fact is that they have now released another great single that turned out to be a catchy tune. February 21, 2021 was the big day. Together with ClockClock, the producers brought the pop song "Redlight" into the music world.

You describe yourself as a collective consisting of producers who want to supply the big electro-pop world with new music. The lyrics to the brand new single "Redlight" will be sung by singer-songwriter Bojan Kalajdzic. He is the voice of the trio ClockClock, who are responsible for the song "ARE YOU WITH ME". The chorus goes straight to the ear and stays there for the time being. Wrapped in a poppy beat, the song immediately puts you in a good mood and invites you to dance.

In 2020 the unknown music group Glockenbach made a name for itself for the first time. They released the single "Dancing In The Dirt" in collaboration with singer Mougleta. The song was definitely a hit. We can be curious what great pieces of music await us in the future.

"Redlight feat. ClockClock" - The video for the song:

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