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.ai is the country-specific top-level domain (ccTLD) for the British overseas territory Anguilla. It was introduced on February 16, 1995 and is administered by the state Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Utilities (Ministry of Infrastructure, Communication and Utilities). The company is responsible for operations Offshore Information Services.

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Existing endings

  • Registrations in the second level (e.g. Yes

existing SLDs

  • can be registered: Yes
  • can be registered: Yes
  • can be registered: Yes
  • can be registered: Yes

useful information

  • notice period 35 days
  • Whois server

Contact requirements

Available types:
  • Owner must be a person or an org


We register this TLD in a manual process that may require documents based on the requirements of the registry or registry regulations and is therefore not fully automated for registrations, transfers or updates. Updates can incur additional costs. Please contact our support if you want to register a .ai domain.


After the transfer, our system synchronizes the owner of the domain from the registry into our system. If this is possible for this TLD, you can start a change of owner in our system if you want to change the synchronized owner.

Change of ownership

A change of ownership can be chargeable. Please refer to your price list for the costs. The change of ownership can easily be started via our system.

Name server

  • Verification: yes
  • DNSSEC: No.


The registry does not offer a restore.