How much do braces cost with Medicaid

How to qualify for free braces

Orthodontic braces can often cost up to $ 8,000. Since few families can afford to pay a $ 8,000 dentist bill, find ways to qualify for free or discounted braces. Even if you can't find free options in your area, you can always make braces more affordable by getting a dental discount plan.

Smile Life Changing, Affordable Braces

Smile Life Changing has helped families with the cost of braces since 1997. The program focuses on the needs of people between the ages of seven and 21. Those who qualify for free braces from Smiles Change Lives must:

  • Have good oral hygiene with no empty voids
  • Do not currently wear braces
  • Have at least a moderate need for braces
  • Meet the organization's financial guidelines, which vary by state

Smiles Change Lives pays for your child's braces, but you have to pay a $ 30 non-refundable application fee and a non-refundable financial investment. Although you have to pay close to $ 700, it's still a great deal.

Medicaid and CHIP Grants for Free Braces

If you qualify for Medicaid or Children's Health Insurance Programs, then your government can get the payment brackets for you or your children. Qualifications vary from state to state, so you will need to get information about the requirements of where you live.

In most cases, your family will need to live near the poverty line to benefit from Medicaid and CHIP grants. Still, you should investigate your state's requirements to verify your eligibility.,

DentalSave Dental Plans

If your family doesn't qualify for free braces through Medicaid or CHIP, then you should consider a dental plan that will cut orthodontic prices. DentalSave's Dental Plan can help you save a considerable amount of money on braces for both children and adults.

Once you have a DentalSave plan, you will receive a discounted rate for all of your dental needs, including orthodontics. If your dentist typically charges $ 7,000 for metal braces, you can count on $ 5,250 if you have a DentalSave plan.,

In most cases, DentalSave members receive a 25 percent discount on braces. You need to speak to your dentist to see exactly how much your braces will cost after a DentalSave discount.