How do I leave a party of course

Party etiquette: celebrate in style

Ignore dress code?

Yes, if you are the queen of the country or a fun brake. No, if you have respect for the organizers. Some mottos (e.g. "casual chic") are so meaningless anyway that you can wear everything from sweatpants to cocktail dresses.

Karaoke baby

Be sure to have the lights dimmed beforehand and maybe organize a few background singers. Then put the microphone in your hand, take a deep breath and go. According to Kevin Race, karaoke host of "Boardwalk 11" in Los Angeles, the following songs are recommended: "Don’t Stop Believin" by Journey, "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash and "Proud Mary" by Tina Turner.

Boring topics

Death, pets, doctoral thesis, ex-boyfriend. The worst thing is the combination of everything: “During my doctoral thesis on drawbridges in Upper Franconia, my boyfriend broke up with me and I had to put my cat to sleep because of his inflamed fur.” Seriously: These four topics are of no interest to anyone except your therapist!

Wake up the person sitting next to you when he falls asleep during the laudation?

For God's sake, no! The laudation is obviously boring, so the laudator deserves it no differently. If the person sitting next to you is a nice older man, he has certainly earned his nap. You should always let everyone sleep, no matter where. Sleep is sacred. The only exception: if it's a nice younger lady. Then she drank too much and should go home urgently. So that nothing worse happens.

Decipher exotic dress codes

If it is z. B. "Colorful Cocktail" means, you can go either as Mai Tai or motley. Otherwise: clarify with the host at a small party, interpret freely at a large party - if that goes wrong, the crowd will always protect you.

How do I get into conversation with celebrities?

Is a matter of type. The traditionally intrepid Americans are not too bad to rush straight at their target and shout: "I love your movie / book." Not your thing? Discreetly circle the celebrity, try to make eye contact and then say something nice when the opportunity arises. Does he react annoyed? Good as well. Then you have great gossip ready for the next small talk.

What do I say to callers to whom I slightly mailed my business card yesterday?

The truth. What else? That you have no time now because you urgently have to go to a class reunion? That yesterday evening was an exception with your German because you are actually Russian? All silly. There are only two options: Either you have the cojones to tell people that you don't feel like them. Or you can do it like this: You won't answer the phone for about five weeks. After that, grass has grown over the matter and even the hottest admirer has cooled down.

This is how party hopping works

PR professional Nora Rochlitzer knows how party hopping works: “Keep a flying visit really short. Big hello, a drink, an honest compliment, announce that unfortunately you still have an appointment, and then move on. Prerequisite: a universal outfit, mid heels instead of 12-centimeter heels and never a clutch, but always a shoulder bag because it is practical. From here to there, by the way, with the 'Mytaxi' app - saves cash and receipt salad. "

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