Why do I have an angry face

Here's how to draw an angry face - Draw angry eyes

And here comes the second article in my series of articles: Draw emotions.
How can you drawing angry face?

Again, according to the tried and tested recipe: simple instructions, focus on the essentials and you can implement it quickly. This will make your training and coaching even better.

By following this guide, you will know the necessary elements of anger. What do our facial expressions look like when we are angry? And how do you draw anger in your characters?

And then?
Then you start your own experiments. Try this and that.

So get down to work ...


The film "Everything is upside down"?

You can find all 5 feelings in "Everything is upside down" wonderfully pointed. The faces, the choice of color, the shapes, the facial expressions, everything is tailored to the 5 feelings.

There are:
Joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust.


Paul Ekman and "Reading Feelings"

The well-known psychologist on the subject of "Recognize feelings“Describes in his book Reading Feelings: How to recognize emotions and interpret them correctly 7 basic emotions that are identical for everyone and worldwide.
Joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust.Plus surprise and disdain.

If you want to deal more deeply with feelings and their facial expressions code, I can only warmly recommend this book to you.



Do you want to draw angry faces?

Here are the 4 easy steps you can use to draw an angry face.

Draw an angry face

1. deep eyebrows, pointing downwards above the nose

If the face is angry, we lower the eyebrows. So draw them deeper than usual.

The two brows are drawn together in the middle. Here in this picture I even drew it as one continuous line.

For an angry face, the brows come down over the nose. they literally collapse into the middle. This is the start for angry faces.



2. Upper eyelids touch the eyebrows

The upper eyelids come into contact with the raised eyebrows.

You can do this with your eyes directly draw on the eyebrows.

Hui, he looks pretty angry, doesn't he? These are really bad eyes.


3. the fixed gaze

The angry face looks wide-eyed and very rigid at the object of his anger.

A point pupil in the middle of the eye is usually sufficient for this.






4. narrow lips

When angry let's press our lips together tightly.

This will make the Lips very narrow and tense.

A horizontal line is enough. You can draw the corners of your mouth more tightly by adding small arcs.




5. other options

If you want, you can still see the angry face Lines of anger decorate all around.

And I found a tense chin appropriate too.




Make your own experiences and keep experimenting. Then you will draw a really bad face.

I wish you a lot of fun and knowledge while trying it out.



Everything is upside down

And here is the trailer for “Everything is upside down”.

Have lots of fun with it.


How are you going to use this guide?

I am very interested in whether these simple instructions will help you. And in what context you will use it.

Please leave me a comment.

Or post your angry face here.

And then in the next article I'll show you how to draw fear.


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