The SEO industry is a volatile market

SEO costs 2021: What does search engine optimization cost?

Billing according to hourly and daily rates gives you as the client the greatest possible flexibility. However, you must be aware that hourly and daily rates are overall more expensive than monthly lump sums or care payments.

SEO hourly rates

Depending on the size and expertise of an SEO agency, the hourly rates for SEO are usually between 75-150€ - with play up and down. The daily rate for a professional SEO amounts to at least 600 up to 2,000 € per day.

Important: One of the most important aspects of the cooperation is the trust in the service provider - because a layman often does not see from the outside what work the SEO professional has done. For example, backlinks or ranking changes cannot be recognized directly by many people outside the industry - although they are of great importance.

Success on the web must be ongoing in content creation, link building and newing SEO-Measures to be invested.

That's why you should usually go with SEO-costs Calculate from € 1,000 per month, even in small niches.

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