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Wood-based materials in house construction and interior design

In the past few years the material wood has regained some of its former importance. Its use is no longer limited to boards and beams that are cut "from one piece". Building materials are used in house construction under the name of wood-based materials, which only have something in common with the classic wooden board in terms of name.

Manufacture and advantages of wood-based materials

Wood-based materials such as MDF or plywood panels are created by shredding residual wood, Saw cuttings or wood chips. The wood particles are then shaped by pressure or the use of an adhesive. The properties of wood-based materials for house construction primarily depend on the size of the wood chips. Basically, a high degree of stock removal reduces the quality, but in return results in better insulation properties. In addition, the surface structure changes with the degree of machining, which is why OSB panels, for example, are rarely used in visible areas.

The advantage of wood-based materials for house construction is obvious: By using wood waste, for example, partition walls can be drawn in in rooms without having to resort to expensive solid wood.

Versatile wood-based material: plywood

Plywood is a material that is characterized by its particularly pronounced versatility. Made from several Wood layers that are glued together twisted by 90 degrees, plywood guarantees a high load-bearing capacity with a small cross-section. In addition, by gluing crosswise, negative material properties such as swelling are compensated for.

A distinction is made between several types of plywood, depending on the production and starting material. So-called cross laminated timber has proven itself for the basic construction in solid timber house construction. These are large panels, for the production of which wooden lamellas are placed crosswise on top of one another and glued together. Veneer plywood is used in furniture and interior design. Made from several layers of veneer, veneer plywood can also be used for outdoor use.

Chipboard and OSB panels - building material for interior fittings and furniture

Chipboard is one of the most widely used wood-based materials used in house construction. Many do-it-yourselfers will only know this material under the name OSB board - but it is only one variant of chipboard. The centerpiece is wood chips, which are pressed with the help of synthetic resins and heat. The best-known chipboard is the flat pressed board, which is also used in furniture production after veneering.

In addition, the chipboard can also be used as a replacement for the more expensive plywood, but it does not have the same strength. OSB panels or chipboard, on the other hand, appear in structural and interior construction. Due to their high strength and diffusion resistance, OSB panels are used, for example, for ceiling and wall paneling, but can also be used as roof substructures and for floors.

Wood fiber materials - insulation material and furniture material

Wood fiber materials go one step further than wood chipboard. The structural association of the wood chips is dissolved until the individual wood fibers are present and bond with one another again. Depending on the type of fiber material, some of the properties differ significantly. Porous wood fiber boards, for example, have the lowest density and are not very resilient. In return, however, they are well suited as insulating material. MDF panels, on the other hand, are characterized by a moderate load capacity and are popular in interior design and in the furniture industry.

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