How do blue strawberries taste

Are there really blue strawberries?

For a long time, various online advertisements have been promoting a blue strawberry variety with names such as "African Blue". But do these rare blue strawberries really exist? We did some research and summarized the answer in this article.

Blue strawberries: hoax or reality?

There are several offers online where you can buy seeds for the ominous blue strawberries at horrific prices. The description often explains that the plants are genetically modified. Allegedly, flounder genes were added to the strawberry plants to make them more resistant to frost. Sometimes a light fish taste of the GMO strawberry is also mentioned. However, it is particularly important that the genetic manipulation results in an intense blue color.

Is that all correct now? Are there really blue strawberries? The answer is very simple: This is a hoax, i.e. a hoax or a joke. As with our article, all other images on the web have been recolored using Photoshop.

However, it must be mentioned that there is actually a genetically modified "flounderberry". Fish genes make these strawberries more resistant to frost. However, the GMO strawberry is not blue.

Don't buy fake seeds!

Apart from the fact that almost all GMO varieties are banned in the EU and you should keep your hands off genetically modified plants anyway. The import of plants and seeds from other countries is usually prohibited or requires a permit.

I have also already discovered reports from buyers who have been sent seeds of alleged blue strawberries from China. What grew in the pot, however, was amaranth.

Please do not fall for online offers for blue strawberries. If you receive anything at all after ordering, it will ideally be the seeds of normal strawberries. You can certainly spend valuable money more sensibly!

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