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The perfect scrambled eggs - quick and easy

The perfect scrambled eggs for me is the best thing about a successful breakfast.

Whether on the weekend for a cozy Sunday breakfast or as a full meal during the week. Scrambled eggs always work and are healthy and totally delicious!

Hardly any other dish is freshly prepared as quickly and easily as a creamy and fluffy scrambled egg.

What do you need to make the perfect scrambled eggs

  • Good eggs - organic quality is always an advantage. You can of course also use normal eggs.
  • A little fat - I always use real butter and can only recommend it.
  • A little cream - this will make the scrambled eggs light and creamy.
  • A non-stick pan
  • A silicone or plastic spatula or a wooden spoon that does not damage the coating on the pan.

As you can see, you can get by with very few ingredients. Scrambled eggs is a totally simple dish that can't go wrong with if you know a few tips.

Tips for the perfect scrambled eggs

  • Eggs are delicate. Therefore, always fry the scrambled eggs over low heat. If the pan is too hot, the scrambled eggs can become firm and dry.
  • Wait 10 to 15 seconds before you start stirring. The egg mass must first start to thicken. β€œSticking” means that the liquid egg becomes solid.
  • Always carefully slide the egg mixture from the edge of the pan into the center of the pan. The still liquid egg then flows to the edge of the pan and freezes.
  • Don't keep pushing the egg mixture around. Always wait a few seconds until the still liquid egg mass has hardened again.
  • The scrambled eggs are ready when they are no longer runny but still shiny.
  • The scrambled eggs always cook a little, even if you've already put them on your plate. Because of this, you shouldn't fry it until it's completely dry.

With these simple tips, nothing can go wrong and you will surely succeed in making a super delicious scrambled egg.

You can eat scrambled eggs often and with pleasure without a guilty conscience.

Gone are the days when eggs were generally considered harmful.

It is now said that for healthy people, up to 3 eggs a day is fine. (Source: healthline.com/nutrition/how-many-eggs-should-you-eat).

Those who like me often and very much like to eat scrambled eggs may also vary the classic scrambled eggs a little from time to time.

The good news is that there are loads of exciting ingredients you can add to your scrambled eggs for great new flavors.

What else can you do with scrambled eggs?

  • salmon
  • Onions
  • Boiled ham
  • bacon
  • Mushrooms
  • tomatoes
  • Cream cheese, sour cream, mascarpone
  • Worcester sauce
  • Soy sauce

Scrambled eggs are just super versatile and you can also experiment with herbs and other spices.

You will be surprised how great it tastes πŸ™‚

Scrambled eggs can of course be eaten straight. So it's a tasty, high protein one low carb Meal that gives you a lot of power for the day.

Scrambled eggs also go wonderfully on bread rolls or fresh, buttered toast.

For those who like it a little more hearty, scrambled eggs on farmer's bread with avocado and tomato is definitely an exciting recipe idea.

Tip: If you've made too many scrambled eggs or it has gotten cold, you can easily put the scrambled eggs in the microwave reheat. It still tastes great πŸ˜‰

So, now I wish you a lot of fun cooking and a very good appetite!

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Your Christoph

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The perfect scrambled eggs - quick and easy

A perfect scrambled egg, fluffy and creamy is not rocket science - here you can find out in a few simple steps how it is made.
Dish: breakfast, main course
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Author: Feelgoodfoodandmore


  • A non-stick pan
  • A silicone spatula or wooden spoon


  • 4 eggs
  • 4 tbsp heavy cream
  • 20 g butter
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • Some styles of chives

And that's how it's done


  • Rinse the chives, pat dry and cut diagonally into very thin rings.
  • Prepare a deep plate. Place a fine-mesh sieve on top and break the eggs into the sieve.
  • Mix the egg mixture with a fork and pour through the sieve into the deep plate
  • Season the egg mixture with a pinch of salt and whisk again with a fork.


  • Put the butter in a non-stick pan, let it melt over low heat and then spread the melted butter in the pan
  • As soon as the butter is completely melted and distributed, add the egg mixture to the pan.
  • Add half of the parsley, about 1 tbsp, to the pan.
  • With a silicone spatula, pull the egg mixture in the pan from the outside inwards and fold it up until the egg has set.
  • Tip: Do not stir continuously and too strongly in the egg mixture!
  • Important: The egg shouldn't turn brown.
  • When the egg is no longer runny but still slightly shiny, the scrambled eggs are ready.
  • Note: The scrambled eggs will still cook for a while, so they shouldn't be fried completely dry.

Arrange and serve:

  • Then place the scrambled eggs on a plate, garnish with the remaining chives and serve immediately.

I like it:

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