How did someone you love let you down

Even if you don't want me - I'll still love you!

Maybe I don't see you for who you really are.

At least that's what people tell me. You see everything you did wrong. Every mistake you've made

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Every moment that you let me down And I am not blind. I am not naive. 'Cause I know you have flaws

And the truth is, the more I get to know you, the more clearly I see that you are not the perfect person I thought you were when we first met.

The truth is, as you get to know people better, you start to see everything a little more clearly.

The skin, which might look perfect from a distance, has a scar up close that has its own story.

And that is the beauty of people, there is always more than what can be seen on the surface.

And I enjoy finding out everything about you. Even the bad things.

Because the truth is even with the faults that prevail, I still see the good in you.

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I even consider the mistakes that you made in the past and that you cannot forgive yourself to be something beautiful. Because all of that made you who you are today.

So if you allow me, I will love you in your worst condition.

I will love you in those moments when you are not completely yourself and cannot even look at yourself in the mirror.

I'll be there to remind you who you really are and how much you mean to me.

I will love you on those nights when you are a little too tired and look a little exhausted from a long day and you don't know how to wake up and do it again tomorrow.

I'll be there to remind you that I'm proud of you and everything you do.

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I will love you when you are angry, even if it's a side very few people see.

I won't try to fix it, I'll just love you the way I can.

I will love you in the moments when you are not there, even if I would dearly wish you would stand next to me.

I will understand that sometimes you cannot be there and I will never blame you for it.

Because I entered your life, because I know very well that there are things that I will follow in second place.

But the thing is, you are well worth the trouble.

Wherever I am and whatever I do or whoever I am with - my heart belongs to you even in those moments when we cannot be together.

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I love the moments when you try to calm people down and with one look around the room I know something is up.

I won't ask what happened or question you for details, but I'll love you and listen when you're ready to talk.

I'll love you when you push me away and tell me you're better off alone.

Because I won't believe that for a second.

But I believe in you and me and the person you make me and the way that you make me feel when I stand next to you. That's enough for me.

I will love you for the past that you cannot accept because when I look at you I see a future in your eyes that looks back on me.

I will love you when you are stressed and overwhelmed.

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And I'll do everything I can to try to help you, even if there is nothing I can do for you except to be by your side and give you comfort.

As long as you keep choosing me every day, I'll always be yours.

And if you let me, I'll love you through these tears - I know you think you're too strong to cry.

I'll wipe them away with no less opinion of you.

I will love you in those moments when you become that drunk version of yourself and if I have to, I will leave you alone.

I'll let you experience your wild nights as long as you wake up with me in the morning.

I will love you through the confusion life throws at you and the moments you don't understand. I remind you that it's okay to feel this way.

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I will love you if you want to change something big in your life. When you want to go somewhere and do something different.

Because I've always believed in you. And I really believe that you can do anything.

You will always have someone in your corner.

In the moments when you hate yourself, I promise you that I will never do it.

If you let me I will love you in your worst moments.

Because you are better than most people in your worst moments.

And if you let me, I'll love you with everything I have in me.

Because the honest truth is that you have flaws, but there is nothing I would ever change about you.

Everything you are makes me so proud of who I am. Proud to be someone worth standing next to you.

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Someone who loves themselves a little more for the love and attention you showed me.

And maybe you are different from what I think of you. Maybe you are more than anything I could have expected from a person, everything I ever wanted but couldn't put into words.

Everything I couldn't even dream of because it wasn't until you came that I realized that someone could fill my life and heart like you did.

And if you give me the privilege, I will love you forever and ever.

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