How do I find internships for freshmen

How do I find an internship?

Whether it is a student internship or voluntary internship for career orientation after graduation, compulsory internship during studies or annual internship - those who look for an internship in a targeted manner often create a springboard for later career entry. But trying things out is also allowed, especially during an internship. Because even those who know what they don't want have already made an important step forward. Our tips will help you find an internship that fits your personal goals.

The right internship for your talents

What matters when choosing a course of study and career orientation also plays a role when deciding on an internship. What are your strengths, what are your interests? If you are not quite sure about your talents, then the best thing to do is to take the Stuzubi orientation test first. The online test for career orientation shows you which tasks are suited to you and in which companies you can best contribute.

If you are looking for an internship that suits your individual type, not only is work more fun. Interns who are able to develop their talents are remembered positively by the company's employees - and thus lay the first foundation for a professional network. Often an internship even leads to an apprenticeship contract or a dual course of study, or you complete your bachelor thesis in your former internship company later in your studies.

Internship search: the fundamental questions

Before you apply for an internship, you should also ask yourself a few basic questions. For example, do you prefer to work in a large corporation or do you feel comfortable in the familiar atmosphere of a small company? Well-known companies are a plus point on the résumé, which is why internships there for schoolchildren and students are very popular and you have a lot of competition in your application. In addition, interns in large companies are usually less allowed to take on tasks.

In small companies, students often have more opportunities to work and try things out during their internship. If you want to take on responsible tasks quickly, you should apply for an internship in a start-up. Here, high school graduates sometimes get the chance to independently implement their own projects during their internship.

When is the best time for an internship?

Many young people gain their first practical experience in the company during a student internship. An internship after graduation is also an option, before studying again as a freshman at the university. Those who take a break after school can also use the gap year for a few internships. If the course does not include compulsory internships, voluntary internships are recommended during the semester break - especially for courses without defined occupations such as humanities or economics, but also certain MINT subjects such as mathematics and scientific disciplines such as physics and chemistry.

How many internships are useful?

Whether you complete a series of internships in very different industries and professions or focus on a specific direction from the start depends on your individual type. After leaving school, some students want to try themselves out and learn a lot of new things, while other young people know exactly what they want from an early age. One thing is certain, however: if you don't intend to stay at university as a scientist, any insight into professional life is an advantage. Therefore: whenever you have time for an internship - use it.

It is definitely advisable to complete one to three internships by the time you get your bachelor's degree. If you enjoy the practical work, there is nothing against further internships. When you have your degree under your belt, however, you should only embark on an internship at most once or twice. Then it's time for a real job.

Where can I find an internship?

Do you know in which professional field and which industry you would like to do your internship? Then you can use the Stuzubi job exchange to specifically look for a suitable internship and use the results from the Stuzubi orientation test to help you choose a career. Or you can visit one of the Stuzubi school fairs, which take place nationwide at 13 locations. The fair informs students about studying at universities and colleges of all kinds, training courses, stays abroad, volunteer services and internships.