What are some crazy Japanese inventions

10 crazy inventions from all over the world

Crazy inventions were often the beginning of groundbreaking ideas that gave birth to cars and smartphones, among other things. Even today there are still many crazy and absurd inventions. We present the most interesting of these inventions to you here.

Crazy Inventions - Oakes' eavesdropping device

Overhearing interesting conversations from the person behind is certainly one of the small everyday wishes of every individual and this invention makes it possible.

  • The invention comes from the American Russell E. Oakes and is over 50 years old. In order to be able to eavesdrop on the man behind, he designed special headphones.
  • A problem with his invention, however, is that the device is relatively large and conspicuous and is poorly suited for secret shading. This eavesdropping device has never caught on.

The full-body umbrella

Walking through the rain and not getting a drop of it, with the full-body umbrella could do that. The invention comes from China and is very popular there.

  • The invention looks like an umbrella to which a transparent film is attached all around. This protects you from the wet on all sides.
  • It remains to be seen whether it will also prevail in our latitudes.

A rotating bench surface

What sounds and looks absurd at first is a bench where you can turn the seat with a crank. The background behind this invention is to still have a dry bench outdoors after a rain shower.

  • The seat extends all the way around the bench. If the upper seat is then wet or dirty, you can simply crank and use the dry seat.
  • The inventor Sung Woo Park created a very practical product with this crazy idea. How practical the bank really is in everyday life has yet to be tested with test banks in some cities.

A clean dog waste disposal company

Although the purpose seems bizarre, it addresses a problem that is very common, especially in city parks. The invention is called "AshPoopie" and comes from a Hebrew university. The company behind it is called "Paulee CleanTec".

  • "AshPoopie" is a device with which you can collect the dog poop, which is then heated to almost 100 degrees. The resulting ash is odorless and sterile.
  • This invention thus represents an alternative to the plastic bags otherwise used for this purpose. One problem here is the cost of the device, which is higher than the cost of the bags.

Japanese umbrella stand

Umbrella stands are known from restaurants or shops. But in Japan there are variants of it that can be locked. The umbrella stands work similarly to lockers and exist, for example, in large shopping centers.

  • The advantage is that you don't have to carry the umbrella around with you and you don't have to worry about losing it or getting it stolen.
  • How necessary it is to lock an umbrella remains questionable. In any case, it is unimaginable that lockable umbrella stands will find their way into German shopping centers.

A vibration tattoo

Another very unusual idea are tattoos that vibrate under the skin. The mobile phone manufacturer Nokia from Finland had this invention patented years ago, but it has not yet been implemented.

  • A special ink and a magnetic field are supposed to trigger vibrations under the skin as soon as calls or messages are received on the connected cell phones.

Cleaning socks

Cleaning socks are one of those ideas that not only seem crazy but actually practical. These are normal socks or shoes made of microfiber. Some of these also have fringes on the sides.

  • If you walk around the apartment with these socks on, they collect dust and dirt.
  • The socks are quite practical for collecting some dust, but they are still not quite a substitute for vacuuming and wiping.

Dino reception in the hotel

In a Japanese hotel, the guests are not served by employees, but by robots, for example in dinosaur look. This invention is in use in the "Henn na Hotel" in a Japanese amusement park.

  • In this hotel, guests are welcomed by various talking robots and looked after and served during their stay.
  • While this action is intended as a joke, the replacement of labor with robots and especially artificial intelligence is a big issue in Japan.

Cutlery attachments

This invention consists of fork and spoon parts that can be used to easily convert pens into cutlery. You simply put the attachments on the locked pen and you can enjoy your meal with it.

  • Like many inventions, this is a funny idea, but actually makes very little sense because cutlery is less expensive.

A bird smoke alarm

The last invention on this list is a creative twist on a smoke alarm. Instead of a simple white device, this Chick-a-Dee brand smoke alarm is shaped like a bird perched on a branch.

  • So it is just a slightly more unusual form of a conventional smoke alarm.
  • With this invention, however, there was a recall of the products because the functionality as a smoke detector was not sufficiently reliable.