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Dragon Ball Super: Broly - New trailer shows us Son-Goku's mother for the first time

The new trailer for Son Goku's 20th cinema adventure is finally here and captivates above all with its emotional moments. For the first time we see Goku's mother Gine in an anime.

The New York Comic Con 2018 started today in the city that never sleeps. Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which is an old one, is represented at the fair Fan favorite the saga brings back. As part of tomorrow's panel, the second trailer of the action spectacle was supposed to be shown, but the video has already gone online in Japanese, as reported by Dragon Ball Super France, and reveals new, exciting and surprisingly emotional insights into the story of the Saiyajins - including a look at Son Goku's mother gine.

Anime Premiere - Gine appears in an anime for the first time in Dragon Ball Super: Broly

On 04/04/2014, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama published Dragon Ball Minus, a bonus chapter for his successful saga. The story tells of Son-Goku's father Bardock, who has a bad premonition about Freezer, and his wife Gine convinced to send their child Kakarott (Son-Goku) to a distant planet, Earth. These last moments between Bardock, Gine and Goku are now brought to life for the first time in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. So we see for the very first time Son-Goku's mother Gine in an anime.

In a recently published interview, which was translated by Herms on Twitter, among others, parts of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly team said that the first 20 minutes of the film would be particularly emotional. When we can experience first hand how Son-Goku is shot by his parents into the vastness of space, this should certainly give some fans goose bumps. Incidentally, we already speculated in a small article that the 20th film in the franchise would be strongly based on Dragon Ball Minus, such as the story of Dragon Ball Super: Broly could run.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly starts on 14.12.2018 in Japanese cinemas. So far nothing is known about a German theatrical release.

Are you excited to finally see Gine in an anime?