Can someone's vision be too strong

Have goals and a vision

If you work on your goals every day, you will be amazed how far you in a short time can come.

You won't suddenly wake up and your life has improved by 100% - becoming happy in the long term works in small steps.

However, if you live your vision, then it doesn't matter what others think of it, who think they have to get higher, faster, further - in order to have won nothing after all.

This fits this one little story.

The satisfied fisherman

It's just before noon. In a sunny fishing village, a fisherman puts his small boat on the pier. He caught a big tuna.

A consultant who is on vacation has been watching the fisherman for a few days. He congratulates him on today's catch and asks: "How long have you been at sea to catch this fish?" The fisherman replies: "Only a few hours."

The consultant then asks: “Why don't you stay at sea any longer to catch more fish?” The fisherman replies: “This catch is enough for me to take care of my family for a few days.” The consultant is puzzled: “What are you doing You with the rest of the day? ”. The fisherman explains: “I'm going home. After lunch, I'll go for a walk with my wife and have a siesta. Then I play with my children. Friends come in the evening, we enjoy the fish, drink wine and philosophize about God and the world. As you can see, I have a well-filled day. "

The counselor replies: “I have studied and can help you. If you go fishing all day, you will catch more fish. Then you can sell the remaining fish. With the proceeds you can soon buy a bigger boat. You hire two or three fishermen for this boat. You will fish so much that you will soon be able to buy several boats and build your own fleet. Instead of selling to a dealer, you sell the fish directly to a fish factory. Soon you will earn enough that you can open your own fish processing factory. This saves you money and allows you to control production and sales yourself. ”The consultant was very euphoric at these thoughts.

The fisherman replied, unimpressed: "And how long will it take?"

“About 15 to 20 years” explains the consultant. “And what then?” Asks the fisherman. “Then comes the very best.” Replies the consultant: “When the time is right, you sell your company and you can stop working. You can sleep in in the morning, go fishing for fun and enjoy the rest of the day with your family and friends. "

"But that's exactly what I'm doing now." Says the fisherman, "Only that my children will be out of the house by then."