How old is Gandalf

How old is gandalf

It is questionable whether Olórin, the Ainu who became Gandalf, can be of any kind of age. It seems that in the void in which it was first created there existed some sort of time when events progressed and changed; At the same time, the void is also called "Timeless Halls", and the Ainur who entered the world did so "at the beginning of time". From an earthly point of view, Olórin is as old as the world / the universe.

How old is what we would understand is unclear. The Silmarillion says the Valar and Maiar worked to build the world

In unmeasured and unexplored waste and in countless and forgotten times until, in the depths of time and in the midst of the vast halls of Eä, this hour and this place where the children of Ilúvatar lived

Really, we can't give Olórin or any of the Valar or Maiar an age.

Gandalf on the other hand, the embodied form of Olórin, who walked on Middle-earth to oppose Sauron ... with him we can meet with reasonable precision.

From Appendix B of the Return of the King, The story of the years , in relation to the third age:

When perhaps a thousand years had passed and the first shadow had fallen on Greenwood the Great, they appeared Istari or sorcerers in Middle-earth. It was later said that they came from the Far West and were messengers to contest the power of Sauron and to unite all who had the will to oppose him. but they were forbidden to balance his power with power, or to try to rule elves or humans with violence and fear.

As far as I could determine when exactly Gandalf arrived is nowhere directly stated; we know that he was the last of the Istari to arrive and who seemed the least impressive; we can assume something like the years 1000-1025 TA. He eventually left Middle-earth in 3021 TA with Bilbo and Frodo, so I believe he arrived in 1021 and stayed for exactly 2,000 years.

It's also worth noting that he never appeared young; None of the Istari did.

They therefore came in the form of men, though she never young and had aged slowly

This "aging" seems to have more to do with the trials and difficulties they endured than with time.