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Scheiderhaifla, furnace slipper
Seasonal specialty

Stakes are a sweet main meal known under various names throughout the Franconian-South German and Austrian region, which is particularly popular with children. They use stale rolls or slices of white bread as well as thinly sliced ​​apples. The ingredients are alternately layered in a buttered casserole dish and poured with a well-whisked egg milk. Baked golden yellow, they taste great sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

This dish is popular on warm summer or autumn days when the apples are ripe. Corn apples that are already slightly crumbly or the red summer apple and the red starred apple are particularly suitable for the preparation.

Funeral pies undoubtedly belong to the leftover category. However, the milk rolls or a light wheat flour bread required for their production may only have been available in such excess in the past on special occasions that they had to be used - if they had become stale. The recipe could have its origin in the processing of the fine wheat breads, rolls or donuts that were baked on the big festive days and that hardened after a few days.

Its name, which reminds of not exactly pleasant punitive measures, was given to this sweet dish from the way in which apples and bread slices are alternately layered in the mold. But the negative association disappears immediately when the delicious smell of a “pyre” baking in the oven rises in the nose.

Storage / shelf life:

Pyres taste best when they are crispy baked and fresh out of the oven. If there is still something left over, it can also be served cold like an apple pie. The apple breadcrumbs can be kept refrigerated for a few days.

Annual calendar:

You can enjoy the specialty in summer, autumn and winter.

Enjoyment tip:

The pyre is eaten sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. A vanilla sauce made from milk and whisked eggs also goes perfectly with it.


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Enjoyment region Upper Franconia, photo Martin Bursch; Text editing Uta Hengelhaupt, recipe Birgit Ringlein, Kerstin Rentsch.



On about 6 - 8 stale rolls or a corresponding amount of white bread slices or stale donuts you use 1/4 l milk, 3 - 4 eggs, 6 - 8 tart apples, 60 g sugar, juice and grated zest of 1 lemon, about 50 g Sultanas and almonds (to taste), butter for greasing the mold and about 50 g butter flakes.


Cut the rolls, white bread or donuts into thin slices; Peel and core the apples, also cut into slices and drizzle with lemon juice. Whisk milk and eggs well, add sugar and lemon zest. Now pour the egg milk over the bread slices and let it steep. Coat an ovenproof dish well with butter fat. First put in a layer of the breadcrumbs, then spread a layer of apples over it and continue like this until everything is well distributed. Sprinkle the final layer of bread with flakes of butter. If you like, you can mix the apples with grated almonds and sultanas. Bake in the oven at around 180 ° C for about 45 minutes until golden.

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