Would you buy fewer cars for a driver?

Car ranking: which brand has the oldest drivers?

Compact, cheap and not that fast: this is how you imagine the perfect senior car. However, the brand with the oldest drivers is the exact opposite. In general, drivers are getting older - and that creates problems.

Germany's car buyers are getting older. Those who sign the sales contract in the dealership today are on average 53 years old. In 1995 the average age was 46 years.

There are many reasons - and also many consequences.

1st to 10th place

Jaguar, Porsche, Lexus - in addition to the cheap providers such as Dacia or Lada, luxury brands in particular have the oldest customers. This is shown by the data from Verivox. All insurance contracts that were concluded with the comparison portal in twelve months were evaluated - online. This is why the average age is lower here than in the official statistics.

placebrandAverage age in years
6Mercedes Benz52

Why younger people buy fewer cars

  • For one thing, young people, especially in big cities, no longer have their own car as important as it used to be. In many cases it has had its day, especially as a status object. The latest smartphone, a nice trip or a good meal are more important.
  • Lots of traffic jams, few parking spaces, a climate crisis - it's always easier to switch to the bus or subway.
  • In addition, many younger people simply cannot and simply no longer want to afford the expensive car because of their low incomes.

Take the golf example: in 1991 the basic model cost the equivalent of 10,200 euros, in 2012 it was already 17,000 euros. You can find out how long you have to work for the new Golf here.

Many don't go along with that anymore. They are more likely to use used cars. But there, too, interest is falling.

Price development for the VW Golf

yearBase price
199110,213 euros
199713,140 euros
200315,220 euros
200816,500 euros
201216,975 euros
202019,880 euros

And it goes further. Because not only the drivers are getting older, but also their cars themselves. Their average age is now almost ten years - a record.

11th to 20th place

placebrandAverage age in years
14Land Rover, Mitsubishi50,5
17Hyundai, Rover49,9
19Volvo, Citroen49,6

The car manufacturers are of course heading for a massive problem. Because if the drivers get older and older, at some point there won't be any more. Some brands are therefore already changing - from manufacturer to mobility provider. For example, they discovered car sharing in order to be less dependent on selling their cars in the future.

Because not every manufacturer will be able to survive with this alone.

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