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Buying flaxseed - where are the best?

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Buying flaxseed - where are the best and what should you watch out for?

The areas of application of flaxseed could not be more varied: Whether it is about childbirth preparation, the treatment of abdominal pain or as a miracle cure for diets - experienced family doctors always cite small flaxseeds as a natural insider tip.

Buy flax seeds - flax seeds

What are flaxseeds anyway?

Flax seeds are the seeds of flax that are just a few millimeters in size. Thanks to climate change, this plant is now also thriving in Central Europe, although its original range was limited to the Mediterranean region and North Africa.

For a few decades now, targeted cultivation in gigantic greenhouses has also been successful under ideal growing conditions. As more and more people want to buy linseed to do something good for their bodies, more and more agricultural land is being converted into true flax plantations.

Effect of the flaxseed

The flaxseed boom - what does flaxseed do in the human body?

First and foremost, flaxseed is a natural bulking agent drug. That sounds illegal and dangerous at first glance, but with a little background knowledge it can be played down very quickly.

If we take the little seeds with something liquid take, so-called mucous cells in the flaxseed soak up water. This can go so far that the small grains reach eight times the original volume.

As a rule, flax seeds only reach their maximum size in our large intestine, and this is exactly what has a massive impact on our digestion. Because the resulting pressure on the intestinal wall stimulates the muscle strands that are located directly behind the wall. This happens reflexively and cannot be prevented.

This in turn triggers rhythmic movements, also commonly called Intestinal peristalsis are designated from. And it is precisely this movement that you want to provoke with the targeted consumption of flaxseed. Because with the help of muscle movements, blockages can be released and birth can even be initiated in advanced pregnancies.

In addition, a gentle abrasion on the mucous membranes of the intestinal wall ensures a regeneration of the intestinal flora, which leads to a relief of flatulence and light Gastrointestinal problems leads.

But that's not all! Flaxseed can be wonderful too Wrap and Envelopes are made to treat minor injuries to the skin.

Buying flaxseed - what to look for?

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You can buy the small seeds of the flax plants in health food stores and pharmacies. Drug stores now also offer a wide range of flaxseed preparations. In terms of ingredients and prices, it almost doesn't matter where you get your flaxseed from. The type of application and the knowledge of possible side effects are much more important.

Buying flaxseed - what to look out for!

If you want to buy flaxseed, you should definitely talk to yours about it in advance and get advice on the dosage from them. Because as banal and natural therapy with flaxseed may seem, it can have fatal consequences if the following points are ignored:

  • Never ingest flaxseed if you suspect an intestinal obstruction!
    If a blockage has already formed, the swollen seeds can only make the situation worse. Often one can only help the affected patient with an emergency operation.
  • Drink enough fluids while and after taking flaxseed!
    Those who are economical here reduce the swelling effect of the seeds and thus reduce the positive effects on your health. In addition, the small grains draw a lot of liquid, which has to be compensated for.
  • Do not take flaxseed at the same time as medication!
    The flax seeds can inhibit the absorption of the active pharmaceutical ingredients into the bloodstream, which can have life-threatening consequences for diabetics, for example. Doctors recommend leaving at least an hour between taking flaxseed and medication.

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