What if Sasuke still had both arms

Where is Sasuke's left arm? How did he lose it?

The fight between Naruto and Sasuke at the end of Shippuden was the most anticipated and carried the weight of their complicated relationship.

It was a struggle to understand the truth of their feelings, but most of all their friendship. So it's no wonder that there is no clear winner: only two of a kind.

Symbolically, Naruto's belief in their friendship wins. And during this fight they both lose an arm.But despite technological advances, Sasuke only seems to have one arm, which raises questions.

Sasuke loses his left arm during his fight with Naruto. He regards this loss of arms as repentance for all the pain and suffering he has caused his friends and his village. Therefore, he rejected the weapons created by Tsunade from Hashirama cells.

How did Sasuke lose his arm?

To people who haven't researched Boruto's prequel series - Naruto Shippuden, this might be a mystery.

On the way to the climax of Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke and Naruto battle each other on their terms.

Sasuke's condition is to destroy all tail animals and the kage - and thereby destroy the flawed system of the world. Naruto, on the other hand, fights against Sasuke, who disagrees with this plan, and to bring him back to the village.

The fight ends with both losing one of their arms and Sasuke giving in to Naruto's wishes. True understanding is born between them. Even the fans who watched the Naruto series would wonder why Naruto managed to get an arm while Sasuke didn't.

Can't Sasuke's arm be recovered?

Well, Sasuke had left the village to protect Konoha from the outside world before he was offered the weapons from Hashirama's cells.

Although it can be seen later in Boruto that despite a visit to the village he still does not have a left arm. Therefore, it is possible that he was offered an arm made over Hashirama's cells under the guidance of Tsunade's expertise, but he refused.

In Boruto, Naruto has a prototype of a scientific ninja tool arm that, among other benefits, could also work on the chakra. However, Sasuke only has one arm.

The reason for this is not the availability of technology or resources to create an arm for Sasuke, but rather his personal choice.

Sasuke sees the loss of his arm as a symbol of the consequences of his actions. He believed this would remind him to atone for his sins while protecting Konoha from the shadows.

Why doesn't Sasuke heal his arm like Naruto?

Since he is the descendant of Indra, the implantation of Hashirama cells would awaken his second Rinnegan and make him an extremely powerful shinobi (more than he already is).

This would create an imbalance in the world that Sasuke did not want to risk. He wants to strike a balance between himself and Naruto so that Naruto can always keep him in check.

About Boruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is a Japanese manga series written by Ukyo Kodachi and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto. It was serialized monthly in Shueisha's Shonen Manga magazine Weekly Shounen Jump in May 2016 until it was carried over to their V Jump in July 2019. The manga was collected in 10 Tankōbon volumes.

Boruto follows the heroics of the next generation of Konohagakure. This includes Naruto's son Boruto Uzumaki and his friends who want to determine their way into the shinobi world. Although peace in the shinobi world has stalled when the Otsutski clan begins to work out a sinister plan.

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