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Organic farming in China For years poison has been on vegetables

Sunday, May 23rd, 2021

World time / archive | Article from the 06.10.2015

By Ruth Kirchner

A Chinese peasant woman sprays pesticides on vegetables; Photo from the province of Guangdong from March 2006 ((c) dpa - Report)

So far, China has mainly exported its agricultural organic products. Now, however, the Chinese themselves are increasingly buying organic goods - out of fear of contaminated food. Chinese farmers admitted that they had sprayed poison on the vegetables for years.

Organic farms are still the exception in China. Nevertheless, China is a large exporter of organic products - such as tea, garlic, sunflower seeds and peanuts. So far, however, mainly goods that have been heavily treated with pesticides have landed on the domestic market.

Farmers now speak quite openly about the fact that they had previously sprayed vegetables with poison, for example. Some farmers and consumers are slowly rethinking. More and more Chinese consumers are turning to organic products for fear of contaminated food.

But the market is reaching its limits here. Even convinced organic farmers have to admit that organic farming in China is facing enormous problems.

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